NEW Staff Aide Position for School Board Members


I want to make sure the community is aware of several NEW job postings:

Staff Aide to School Board Members 

Currently, each School Board Member shares one assistant with a colleague, while each Board of Supervisor has multiple full-time staff aides to help with constituent services, research, and policy analysis. Using budget savings from last year, School Board Members will now have one full-time person each to enhance our public service to the community, as well as strengthen accountability and transparency of FCPS operations. 

Staff Aide Job Description

Performs the full range of professional and administrative duties required to support activities, projects, and initiatives related to the School Board; researches, analyzes, and informs on issues brought to the board member’s office, in line with regulations, policies, and procedures; serves as a liaison on behalf of individual Board members in communications between external constituents, community organizations, Division leadership, and various elected officials.

If hired for this salaried position, the individual reports solely to the School Board Member and has telework capabilities. The position is renewed annually for as long as the incumbent School Board Member holds the office. 

If you are interested in this position, please submit an application as soon as possible. While the position is “Open Until Filled,” my Braddock District selection team will begin its resume screening process on Tuesday, November 10th.

You can find out more about the position and submit an application by CLICKING HERE.

Please visit my FCPS School Board webpage to learn more about my background.

If you have any additional questions about this position, please email me at the address below.

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