TJ Return to School Resources & Video

Dear TJ Families:

Last week the Fairfax County School Board made significant decisions regarding students and staff returning to school in the fall. The guiding principles include health, program flexibility, and quality educational experiences.

Below is a list of Virginia and FCPS resources you may find helpful if you have not yet had the opportunity to review them:

The Return to School Plan asks families to select one of two options for children to access learning in the fall given the current health circumstances. Dr. Brabrand sent the survey to all families Monday, June 29.

School administrators will retrieve data reports with final results after July 10. It will take significant time to collate the results and create an instructional design for online and face-to-face scenarios. High schools most likely will not have schedules finalized until mid-August.

I have been advising students and parents to ground decisions in health concerns or extenuating personal circumstances rather than speculating on program design. Many more details and guidelines will emerge in the coming weeks, so take time until July 10 to make an informed decision that meets your family’s personal needs.

There is no doubt compromises will be made and the instructional design will be less than perfect, and this is a reality across all schools. We will have to pair pains with gains. Effective teaching and learning cannot happen without first planning a safe environment.

You have my promise that I will do everything in my power to keep the TJ family intact, both in person and virtually. We have an outstanding faculty who will work in conjunction with administrators to design a program with continued high standards that maximize educational opportunities while respecting the health needs of our entire school community. We are also realistic and cannot over promise the outcomes.

Therefore, I highly encourage you to watch this TJ-specific video which goes more in depth about possibilities we are currently considering. With a little creativity and compromise, we will design an effective instructional program and schedule that are mindful of the existing health protocols and FCPS guidelines.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our teachers, staff and administrative team as we will work diligently on behalf of all TJ students, teachers, staff, and families to meet individual needs to the best of our ability.

May you continue to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling summer.


Ann N. Bonitatibus, Ed.D.

TJHSST Principal