KG Community Message 6.4.20

Dear Kent Gardens Parents,

We are reaching out to our community to acknowledge the events that have transpired portraying the anger and hurt that exists in our country. Kent Gardens administrators and staff remain committed to providing a safe, welcoming and supportive learning environment for all our students. Our work is deeply embedded in equitable and respectful practices. Our Kent Gardens’ community works together to support and provide equal access and opportunities for every student, every family, no matter what. Racism and hate have no place in the world and no place in our community. These challenging times are when we need each other most. While we are socially distanced, never forget that we are always here for each other. 

Over the past few years, Kent Gardens and other FCPS staff  engaged in trainings on the issue of equity and cultural responsiveness.  This work has enhanced our instruction, family engagement efforts and hiring.  At Kent Gardens, as proud “lions,” we have common language ingrained in our #kgpride slogan.  We teach students to be proud of who they are, because we are “patient, respectful, inclusive, doing our best and excited to learn.”  This language is even more appropriate now when we look towards the next school year, 2020-2021, and explore how to create an inclusive community that is respectful of all its members, patient when conflicts arise, and can bring out the best in each of us as we learn together.  We are committed to continuing to promote inclusive communities where diversity is valued and celebrated. We have also embraced the Positivity Project that truly embraces supporting all students regardless of race, religions or heritage.  Bottom line, we are part of the Kent Gardens family.


Through the training we have received, our staff is prepared to talk with students about what racism is and why it is not acceptable.  We plan to continue to work together to identify ways to continue these important conversations with our staff and students into the next school year.  In our classrooms and within our school community, we will continue to learn about, value, and embrace each other’s differences while working to change the conditions that allow injustice.  Each school in FCPS has an Equity Lead, who partners with the principal to ensure staff have the tools to recognize and take action on inequities within our buildings. We have participated in professional learning on equitable and culturally responsive practices and are committed to furthering our learning in order to address the topics of racism and equity with our students and with each other.

Below are resources that have been compiled to support parents in talking with your children.

We are here to stand together and be stronger together.  Yesterday, our staff met to discuss these very issues and the emotion was real and acknowledged.  We will stand strong to work together as a community and continue this important work. #kgpride #strongertogether




Holly McGuigan               Pier McGrath                   Tia Hawkins

Principal                           Assistant Principal           Assistant Principal