A Message from the Chantilly Pyramid

Dear Chantilly Pyramid Families and Community,

We reach out to you today as a united group of educators to acknowledge the events that have transpired portraying the anger and hurt that exists in our country.  Racism and hate have no place in the Chantilly Pyramid; rather, our schools are places that strive towards inclusiveness and compassion for all while providing hope for the future. To our Black and African American families and community members, we echo the words of our Superintendent, Dr. Brabrand as he shared with FCPS staff, “we see you, we believe in you, and we stand with you.”

During this time, we will not sit silently. We have all worked together to create places and spaces where all are welcome and seen. In our classrooms and within our school communities, we will continue to learn about, value, and embrace each other’s differences while working to change the conditions that allow injustice. At each of our schools, we have made a commitment to bring awareness to social and emotional issues within our buildings through an equity lens.  Every school in the Chantilly pyramid has an equity lead who partners with the Principal to ensure staff have the tools to recognize and take action on inequalities within our buildings.  We are committed to this work and to our schools being beacons for change.

For many in our community, these events are recent, raw and understandably quite upsetting. It is important yet impossible to comprehend centuries of horrifying injustice against minorities in this nation, particularly African Americans. As a result, we work to educate our students to better understand. Two poignant resources for parents and teens include:

Please know that your schools are here for you and stand with our Black and African American community. It is the diversity of our community members who make the Chantilly pyramid a wonderfully unique place to live, work, learn and grow.  

We recognize that everyone may be impacted by these recent events differently and we welcome you to reach out to your school’s Principal, school counselor, or clinical staff with any questions or concerns. Our email addresses can be found below. 

As a community, we are here and we stand together.  


Your Chantilly Pyramid Principals

Mary Miller - Brookfield ES mlmiller4@fcps.edu

Dave Pietzman, Greenbriar East ES - djpietzman@fcps.edu

Patty Granada - Greenbriar West ES - pagranada@fcps.edu

VaRonica Sloan - Lees Corner ES - vdsloan@fcps.edu

Holly DeVore - Oak Hill ES - hedevore@fcps.edu

Sue Andujar - Poplar Tree ES - seandujar@fcps.edu

Amy Goodloe- Rocky Run MS - atgoodloe@fcps.edu

Dustin Wright - Franklin MS - dpwright@fcps.edu

Scott Poole - Chantilly HS - sfpoole@fcps.edu