Woodson Weekly - May 29th

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Woodson Weekly - 
May 29th

Woodson Weekly is published every Friday to provide the community with important information from Woodson High School.

Vision Statement
We are a school community where all students have purpose and value!

Senior Art Gallery

From the Virtual Senior Art Show: Willow "Orange"

The Senior Virtual Art Show is now posted on the Woodson HS website. Walk through the 5 Galleries to view the amazing works by our graduating Seniors.

In this Issue

1. Message from Dr. Floyd
2. Yearbook Distribution!
3. Underclass Students - Will You Be Returning to WTW Next Year?
4. Career Center Volunteers Needed
5. Woodson Minds Matter Virtual Meetings
6. This is My Brave Auditions
7. 30 Minute Consultation with a FCPS Clinician
8. Fourth Quarter & End of Year
9. New NOVA Jump Start Opportunity
10. FAQs About Refunds and Fees
11. Lunch Money Refunds and Transfers

1. Message from Dr. Floyd

Happy Friday Woodson Families!

This week, even though it was only 4 days, was a busy one!  

While teachers are busily trying to wrap up the school year for everyone, they said goodbye to their seniors this week.  It was bittersweet, knowing they are off to amazing opportunities in work, school or the military is comforting, yet knowing they may not see these students face to face in the school setting again as their teacher, is definitely emotional.  

Thank you to our teachers for making these last few months extra special in your classes.  I’ve heard many stories about reflective activities, playing pomp and circumstance during class and enjoying the last moments with lots of laughs and goodbyes. These moments make closing out high school special. 

Monday is the start of three consecutive Diploma Days for seniors to pick up their senior items and drop off laptops and books. We will celebrate as best we can from afar, and you may see some teachers too!  Please be sure to label your laptops with your name and ID number.  We will continue this process through Wednesday, please the Woodson website for more details. 

On June 8th and 10th (earlier communications had a typo of the 9th) our underclassmen will be able to return their items and pick up what was left in lockers.  Again, please reference the eNotify messages sent with this information. 

I hope everyone can get outside and enjoy the weather this weekend.  After even a 4 day week online, many have shared they are most ready for an active weekend outdoors. 

While our fields have reopened, please note social distancing is still expected. 


Dr. Floyd

Yearbook Distribution

2. Yearbook Distribution!

Great news, Woodson! We have a distribution date for the yearbook!

It’s not as early as we’d like, but it’s not as late as some schools have to accept! As many of you know, the printing plant in Kansas was closed for six weeks due to COVID 19. The plant is up and running again but at reduced capacity in accordance with local health department rules.

So mark your calendars: Yearbook distribution is Thursday, July 23, rain or shine!

Details of how the distribution will work will be forthcoming as soon as possible. We will follow all requirements set forth by the health department and FCPS for a safe distribution.

If you are moving from the area before July 23, please contact Beth Koby, yearbook adviser, to discuss how we can get your book to you. ewkoby@fcps.edu

There are only 200 books remaining for sale! And the price goes up on June 1st, from $80 to $90. Act now before they’re gone!


Not sure if you ordered a book already? Contact Beth Koby, yearbook adviser, at ewkoby@fcps.edu 

Can’t wait till July 23? Get a sneak peek at the whole book!

​Our PlusOne app for iPhone and Android makes a digital version of the yearbook available to all students and families who purchased the printed version. To celebrate our seniors’ graduation, the Plus One App is going live on Graduation Day, June 2.


3. Underclass Students - Will You Be Returning to WTW Next Year?

If you will not be attending Woodson High School this fall, please let Woodson Student Services know now. Please click here and fill out this form. 

Student Services will make sure all transcripts and records are forwarded to your child’s new school so his/her file is complete.  If you have any questions, please contact Woodson registrar Christine Lieb-Mosley at 703-503-4622 or cliebmosley@fcps.edu.  

4. Career Center Volunteers Needed

The WTW College and Career Center is recruiting parent volunteers for the 20-21 school year. 

Rising 9th grade parents and rising sophomore parents are especially welcome and will benefit the most from this opportunity.

Learn about the college application process from college representatives who visit during your volunteer shift, and help make information learned available to the people who need it. 

Learn more about the opportunity and register at https://tinyurl.com/WTW-CC-20-21Registrations are due by Wednesday, June 3rd.

5. Woodson Minds Matter Virtual Meetings

Join the virtual meetings of Woodson Minds Matter every Wednesday from 2-3pm EST on BBCU!  Woodson Minds Matter is open to anyone who attends Woodson.

To join or for more information, wtwmindsmatter@gmail.com.

6. This is My Brave Auditions

Auditions for This is My Brave have been extended through the end of August.  Fairfax County is seeking storytellers who are high school students with a 5-minute story to share about Teen Mental Health via poetry, original music, comedy, essay or other artistic expression.  Storytelling saves lives.

For more information, email erin.gallagher@thisismybrave.org or visit


Senior Art Show

From the Virtual Senior Art Show: Sarah - "My Cool Friend Olivia"

7. 30 Minute Consultation with a FCPS Clinician

Any FCPS parent may schedule a 30-minute phone consultation with a school psychologist or school social worker, for either themselves or their middle or high school student. 

This consultation provides an opportunity for parents to receive guidance on how to support their child’s emotional well-being during their time away from school. Student consultations will provide support and strategies to students who may be experiencing difficulties with anxiety, mood, behavior, or peer or family interactions during this unprecedented and challenging time.  Information about community resources will also be made available. Parents can schedule a phone consultation online

This service is not intended for mental health emergencies.  If an emergency is suspected or indicated, please call 911.  Additionally, students and families can access mental health support online if there is a crisis of emergency during the time of the closure.

8. Fourth Quarter & End of Year

Providing Feedback to Students/Parents and Monitoring Progress: Teachers should provide feedback such as comments on quality of work and guidance for improvement. 

  • Assignment “marks” will be entered into the gradebook and will be: Proficient, Attempted, Not Attempted
  • This data will be considered to positively influence the final course grade 
  • Students and families will be able to see “marks” in SIS, though weekly emails will not be sent since there will not be a Qtr 4 grade 

Calculating Final Grades

Final Exams: There will be no final exam and/or culminating activity included as part of the final course grade calculation this year.

Year-Long Courses - Calculating Final Grade 

  • Teachers have the discretion of raising a student's final grade by one grade distribution (B to B+), based on demonstrated proficiency of Qtr 4 learning. 
  • A student’s final grade will be the highest of the following:
    • Avg of Qtrs 1, 2, & 3
    • Avg of (Qtrs 1, 2, & 3) plus 1 grade distribution increase consideration
    • 1st Semester Grade
    • 1st Semester Grade plus 1 grade distribution increase consideration
    • Quality Points as per FCPS Grading and Reporting

Current Semester Courses - Calculating Final Grade

  • Schools/teachers have the discretion of raising a student's final grade by two grade distributions (B to A-), based on demonstrated proficiency of Qtr 4 learning.  
  • A student’s final grade will be the highest of the following:
    • Qtr 3 Average
    • Qtr 3 Average (w/up to a two grade distribution increase consideration). 

Last Day of School

The last day of school for all students (except seniors) is Friday, June 12. 

Summer Courses

Additional summer offerings and support through FCPS summer learning programming are being discussed and will be shared as soon as available pending developments with the state-wide closure of schools.

Sasha Mug

From the Virtual Senior Art Show: Sasha - ceramic mug

9. New NOVA JumpStart Opportunity

NOVA announced the launch of JumpStart, a new opportunity for current and rising seniors to take up to two, tuition-free online college courses this summer. NOVA has identified a specific set of courses available through this initiative, including courses for NOVA degree requirements that are also highly transferable credits to four-year institutions as well as coursework in cloud computing through a collaboration with Amazon Web Services.

FCPS is excited to partner with NOVA on this opportunity and will share more information for students and families as additional details about qualifications and registration emerge. 

10. FAQs About Refunds and Fees

Question:  What is the status of refunds for fees paid for various activities that are not going to happen due to the pandemic?


  • Teachers, sponsors, and supervising administrators have been working with vendors and travel companies.
  • Refunds for field trips are issued only if the vendor/travel company is providing refunds. Refunds are prorated based on the amount given by the vendor/travel company.
  • Travel companies and vendors may just issue a credit to the student’s name on the reservation for a postponed field trip. 
  • We will issue a refund for a field trip once the vendor or travel company returns the money to Woodson High School.  This is based on the amount / percentage refunded.
  • Class fees will be refunded at the end of the year as usual based on what is not used on consumables in the class. 
  • These will typically be issued through the credit card on file in MySchoolBucks.

Question:  Can students get a refund on his parking fee?

Answer:  Yes.  If you paid the full amount you will receive $50 (1/4 of the year).  A check will be sent to your house from FCPS.  They are currently working on this process, and it will take some time.  The school does not have any control over this process.

Burke Lake

From the Virtual Senior Art Show: Erik - "Burke Lake"

11. Lunch Money Refunds and Transfers

If you would like to request a refund of money on your student's MySchoolBucks lunch account or transfer the funds between students' accounts, please complete the following instructions.

Requesting a transfer of funds between my students' accounts

Meal account transfers can be requested by e-mailing the following information to mealaccountrefund@fcps.edu:

Transfer FROM:                                Transfer TO:

  1. Student Name                              1. Student Name
  2. FCPS Student ID #                       2. FCPS Student ID #
  3. School Name                                3. School Name

Requesting a refund for my student's meal account

Meal account refunds can be requested by e-mailing the following information to mealaccountrefund@fcps.edu

  1. Student Name
  2. Student ID # (listed on the student's schedule)
  3. School Name
  4. Parent Name
  5. Street Address
  6. City, State and Zip code
  7. Phone #

Allow 4-6 weeks for transfers and refunds to be completed due to required audit documentation processing.

For full information regarding student lunch accounts, visit https://www.fcps.edu/node/31166.

Mental Health Resources | 24/7 Emergency Numbers

If you are in crisis, text NEEDHELP to 85511, call 1-800-273-TALK, or dial 911; TTY dial 711

CrisisLink Regional Hotline: 703-527-4077 (CrisisLink is a hotline for individuals in crisis or family/friends seeking guidance for how to help a loved one)

Dominion Hospital Assessment and Referral Line: 703-536-2000

Inova Emergency Services: 703-289-7560

Mobile Crisis Unit: 1-844-627-4747

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK or 1-800-SUICIDE

Merrifield Center Emergency Services: 703-573-5679; TTY dial 711 (The Merrifield Center of the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board, offers a range of clinical programming. Emergency Services, staffed 24 hours per day, seven days per week, works with people in psychiatric crisis who need immediate attention.)

Plan D Nova https://www.plandnova.org/ (a website for Northern Virginia teens who suffer from depression: #breakthestigma)