Academic and Career Plan (ACP) for the Class of 2022

Academic and Career Plan (ACP) for the Class of 2022

Greetings Families of the Class of 2022!

Your student has been working all year on his or her Academic and Career Plan (ACP) in Naviance Student. During this period of distance learning, we encourage you to use Naviance Student with your child to explore college and career options.  

Your child’s plan includes:

  • results of the strengths and career surveys
  • goals
  • Resume Builder
  • draft course plans for high school 

You and your student can view the ACP in Naviance Student by either logging into your Blackboard Parent View account or by having your student log into his or her Blackboard account and then clicking on Naviance Student. Once in the Naviance Student account, click on the “about me” tab, scroll down, and click “portfolio.”

Once you have reviewed your child’s plan, use this link:  or this Google form to complete the verification form. The completion of this form will serve as your signature. This must be completed by Wednesday, July 10, 2020. 

For more information about your child’s ACP, visit or the ACP website.


We thank you in advance and continue to wish you health and fulfillment.



Cynthia Hawkins

Class of 2022 Administrator