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Spirit Week: May 18th-22nd


A Message From Ms. Lanier-Your Librarian


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Please do not worry about returning books to the library.  I will not send out overdue notices for late or missing books and other materials.  You may drop off books when you come pick up materials from your classroom or when school officially reopens.  Not sure where your book is located at this point?  Do not worry-you will not be charged for the missing items.  Library Services understands that books will get lost and I will not charge any student for checked out books.  If you found a lost book that you paid for BEFORE the school was closed, you can bring the book with you when we return to school.  Your money can be returned at that time.  Also, information regarding summer reading opportunities and available resources are coming soon. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at


Stay safe,

Ms. Lanier



A New Collection Of ebooks And Audiobooks

Library Information Services is pleased to announce a new collection of ebooks and audiobooks to support distance learning aimed at 5th & 6th grade students available through the MackinVia platform. This collection contains 715 titles curated with a focus on popular and appealing books that many students would find fun to read. Although not intended as instructional resources, these books could be accessed as choice reading or listening for learning activities.

How to Access

MackinVIA is the FCPS ebook and audiobook platform. Users can download the MackinVIA app from the iOS and android app stores to read or listen on mobile devices, or you can log in to using your FCPS network username and password. Also, if you have a school-issued computer, you can search for the MackinVIA app shortcut. In all cases, be sure to log in to the FCPS blue bar with your network credential, NOT the Follett prompt. Here is a slide deck to walk you through the process with an embedded video link if you would like to see a demo.


How to Navigate MackinVIA

Here is a four minute video demonstrating the features of MackinVia.

Community Resources

Traducción Española

ترجمه فارسی

Hello Families!

You may be home, but students can still participate in local library story time and weekend activities. There are many opportunities for adults to learn or practice English through free online adult English language classes, conversation groups, an online program, even one on one tutoring!

You can get a library card to use online materials including books and music. Most of the public libraries in this area allow reciprocal borrowing privileges.  So anyone that resides or works in the greater DC area is generally allowed to get a library card for the following libraries: Arlington, Charles, District of Columbia, Fairfax, Falls Church, Fauquier, Frederick, Loudoun, Montgomery, Prince George's, and Prince William. See links for activities, classes, programs, and library cards below.

Here is a list of resources that are available for you!

Story time and activities

Story time, Alexandria

Online Storytime Calendar, Falls Church

Elementary student weekend activities, story time


Adult English language classes

Free online adult English classes

Free Adult English Language Conversation Library Class

Free Adult Online English classes, including one on one tutoring, Fairfax County

All Fairfax County Library English programs

Other Fairfax County English Classes

Register for Free Adult Online Summer English Class


Online language program from Alexandria Library

Anyone with an Alexandria library card (see below) can use Mango languages for learning English.  It's available online:  

Online Learning Program - Mango - through Alexandria Library


Library Cards

You can get a library card for several different libraries now. Many are temporary for several months until libraries re-open. You can take part in programs at all these different libraries and borrow from their online collections!

Get an Alexandria Library Card Anyone with an Alexandria library card can use Mango languages for learning English.  It's available online:  

Online Learning Program - Mango - through Alexandria Library

Get a Fairfax County Library card

Get an Arlington Library Card  

Get a Falls Church Library Card

Get a Loudoun County Library Card  You do not need to be a member to attend, or take part in, advertised programs. Here is their message: To take full advantage of our online offerings you can sign up online to get a temporary library card number that can be used right away. This card number is valid for six months and provides access to all of our online library resources.   You can apply for a library card at: 

LCPL offers many online resources—including eBooks, eAudiobooks, downloadable music, and streaming films and TV shows. These resources are available 24/7 at: 

For future updates as they become available, please visit