FCPS School Social Work Newsletter - Spring 2020

Got Resilience? Roger that!

Mr. Rogers Always Look for the Helpers Quote

As we reflect on this quote, we may wonder about the connection between the ability to receive help and the ability to help others.  Mr. Rogers is known for his unconditional love for children and his ability to help children cope with life’s scary things.  From an early age, he received the message that it was very important to look for life’s helpers.  Then, he became one!  During our COVID season, we may find ourselves or our children newly in need of helpers.  Perhaps we are in the position to reach out and support others -- in our family, our neighborhood, and our community in new and innovative ways.  Both are habits to be practiced over time.  Both take courage. 

Resilience Week: May 3rd-9th

This year, Virginia celebrates its first annual Resilience Week beginning May 3rd.  Together, we focus on building our ability to adapt and “bounce forward” through tough times.  We lean into the support we receive from one another and look for opportunities to give it away.  This strengthens our collective resilience, leaving us stronger than ever. From Sanctuary Sunday all the way to Self-Care Saturday, find more ideas here:

Resilience Week VA 2020

Tending to Self-Care


Orchids need indirect sunlight, while lavender thrives on direct sunlight.  Tomatoes need more calcium in the soil, while blueberries require an acidic soil in order to be fruitful.  Master gardeners come to these discoveries with an attitude of wonder and curiosity:  what are the needs of this particular plant?  What is the exact combination of sunlight, water, nutrients and tending that helps the plant to not only survive, but to thrive?  What is the mix of self-care practices that are reflective of my individual needs?  We routinely hear about the importance of nourishment for mind, body and spirit.  Giving ourselves permission to kindly notice what replenishes us helps our self-care practices take deeper root. 

Helpful bank of self-care strategies:   Tolerance for Uncertainty:  A COVID-19 Workbook

From the Centers for Disease Control on Stress and Coping:  Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19

Fact Sheets from the National Child Traumatic Stress Institute: Coping in Hard Times:  Fact Sheet for Community Organizations and Leaders

For FCPS and Fairfax County resources to support self-care:   Coronavirus Update: Mental Health and Community Resources    

The Power Of Human Connection: Stronger Together

Hands Stacked

Stress.  Isolation.  Vulnerability.  Uncertainty.  Loss. 

Daily, FCPS social workers offer compassion, forge connections, create safety and navigate critical resources for our students and school communities.  Although our environment has become virtual, our passion and commitment is stronger than ever. 

School social workers are dedicated to ensuring students have supports, services and resources to achieve their full potential.  This includes concrete needs such as food and housing, clinical interventions, mental health and wellness supports and special education.  They do this by creatively building bridges, one relationship at a time, while partnering with students, families, staff and the broader community.  Challenging inequity, uplifting culture and celebrating diversity are key dimensions of social work practice.   Social workers uplift the human spirit and build on strengths.  Contact your school social worker here:  https://www.fcps.edu/resources/student-safety-and-wellness/school-social-work-services 

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