Townhall tonight, Blackboard and Distance Learning

Dear Fairfax County students, staff and families,

I want to start by saying the failures of technology and security in the distance learning roll out are unacceptable. I know many of you are still having issues logging onto Blackboard (FCPS 24/7) even though Blackboard Collaborate is not having issues. Distance learning continues with teacher outreach and materials online and FCPS is working to implement Plan B. You should be receiving more information from FCPS about this soon.

Your deep disappointment, anger, and frustration are understood. We know you should be able to trust FCPS to provide your child with learning and community during this time and the issues with Blackboard did not allow for the learning your children deserve. We have been working with Blackboard for four weeks to ensure a smooth transition to distance learning, which failed. I am truly sorry for the frustration this caused our families, students, and teachers who were looking forward to connecting and learning together.

My job as your School Board member is to be a conduit between you and our school system, to provide oversight, and ensure accountability. My colleagues and I are committed to a thorough review of what transpired and to making sure these issues are fixed so distance learning can continue. For those of you who want more detailed information on what happened and plans going forward, please see the section called “Detailed Information on Distance Learning and Blackboard” below.

For those of you who did not have a chance to see the information in our April 16th school board meeting, we discussed the issues that led to the delay, including problems with capacity as well as security. FCPS leadership and IT have worked all week and weekend with Blackboard, our outside vendor, to address both issues. I am aware problems are continuing today.

For our kids who really need to see their friends and teachers, I am sorry. Know my heart breaks for you and know that I understand the importance of that connection, of the continuity, and of your education.

To the parents I feel you. I hear you. And, as a parent myself, your frustration is echoed in my own feelings and thoughts. I know we have asked for your patience and you have shown it over and over. I am so sorry to have to ask for more patience and I know it is not fair or right to ask for more. Yet here we are, and I am sorry.

To our teachers and staff who have been working incredibly hard to get ready to teach online and who were so excited to see “your kids,” I am sorry. Your hard work and dedication is seen and your disappointment is felt.

Let me be clear. It is unacceptable that we are here and there is no excuse for the technology failures here.

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

In Health,


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P.S. At the end of this very long newsletter, I have recognized our FCPS students who were selected for All-Virginia band, chorus, and orchestra. I’d like to share this message for those students:

While I know it is incredibly disappointing to have your workshops and performances cancelled, I wanted to take this chance to recognize and congratulate you and recognize your amazing talent and hard work. This is quite an achievement and I hope you and your loved ones are very proud of you. I know I am.

Keep making music. While I am incredibly grateful to our first responders, medical professionals, grocery store and supply chain workers, delivery workers, postal workers, and many more, I am also thankful for the actors, writers, and musicians whose movies, shows, music, and books are keeping my family occupied and sane. I appreciate the joy, laughter, entertainment, and thought-provoking conversations my family has had because of the arts in our lives.

Below you will find information on (in order):

  • My Monday Town Halls (Updated)
  • Office Hours Information
  • School Board Meetings this week
  • Detailed Information on Distance Learning and Blackboard
  • Superintendent's FY 21 Revised Budget Recommendations 
  • Special Education Update
  • Opportunity for Free College Classes
  • Mental Health & Wellness Resources
  • Family Resources
  • From College Board – Update on SAT Information
  • Updated AP/IB Information
  • Useful FCPS and Fairfax County Links
  • How to Help
  • Respiratory Clinics & Info from INOVA
  • Congratulations to our FCPS All-Virginia Band, Chorus and Orchestra Students

Monday 7-8 pm Town Halls:

Every Monday I will hold a Town Hall Meeting either via Blackboard Collaborate or Facebook Live on alternative Mondays.

Elaine Tholen, School Board Member for the Dranesville District, will be joining me for the April 20th Blackboard Collaborate Town Hall.

Link Here to Monday April 20th Townhall

Future Townhalls:

Office Hours Ongoing:

I am now scheduling regular virtual office hours with constituents for April and May. I will hold two office hours a week and you can sign up for 15 minute slots. If we end up needing more time, we can always schedule a longer follow up after our initial meeting.

Click on this link to sign up

School Board Meetings This Week

  • Monday, April 20 at 11:00 am Special Electronic Work Session       Main Topics: Middle School Start Times and Budget
  • Thursday, April 23 at 10:00 am Special Electronic Regular Meeting Main Topic: Special Education

For agenda, handouts and virtual meeting access, click here.

Members of the public are welcome to attend virtually via at

Meetings will be recorded and available to view on the FCPS YouTube page here

Detailed Information on Distance Learning and Blackboard:

Many of you have asked for more information as to what FCPS’ preparation for Distance Learning was and what happened with Blackboard. Here is more information from FCPS Leadership:


  • On March 13, FCPS and the governor announced there would be an extended closure of schools. FCPS alerted Blackboard that they needed to be prepared to accommodate extensive distance learning for all of our 185,000 students.
  • FCPS shared our detailed learning management protocols and schedules with Blackboard. We developed security guidelines and documents on how to set up secure Blackboard Ultra sessions, we utilized BlackBoard Collaborate to conduct LIVE virtual school board meetings, we trained our entire workforce of teachers in a week, and posted all distance learning materials into Blackboard.
  • Blackboard has served as the learning management system vendor for FCPS for 20 years. They expressed confidence in their ability to provide service for our Distance Learning Plan.
  • FCPS uses two Blackboard products: Blackboard Learn (FCPS 24/7) and Blackboard Collaborate:
    • Blackboard Learn (FCPS 24/7) is FCPS’ learning management system, which serves as a curriculum repository that integrates with multiple systems, including eCart, Online Textbooks, and SIS
    • Blackboard Collaborate is our virtual learning tool that has been used to support Online Campus for several years
  • As the training and preparation for distance learning began, there were few issues with the Blackboard platform.
  • As recently as this past weekend, numerous conversations took place between FCPS and the Blackboard executives and technical team about the anticipated volume of usage for Blackboard Learn (FCPS 24/7) and Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Monday, April 13 FCPS began experiencing communication issues between the FCPS log-in system and Blackboard servers. Teams from FCPS and Blackboard worked to identify the issue and believed they had resolved the problem.
  • Tuesday, April 14 – distance learning launched.  While the majority of distance learning experiences were positive, some security issues arose. Parents, students, and teachers reported having difficulty logging in to Blackboard Learn (FCPS 24/7).
  • In addition, reports of disruptive online participants (who may or may not have been students) during Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions. The behaviors involved expressions of foul and inappropriate language that were upsetting to students and staff. The disruptive behavior suggested that increased security to the Blackboard Collaborate system was needed. 
  • FCPS identified inconsistencies in how Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions (used for synchronous or teacher-led instruction) were created.
  • FCPS central office leadership failed to ensure that sessions were created with proper security settings across our school system
  • April 14 (evening) FCPS implemented a new feature in Blackboard Learn (FCPS 24-7) which links Blackboard Learn with Blackboard Collaborate, to make it easier for teachers to set up Collaborate Sessions for their classes with the proper security settings.  School-Based Technology Specialists (“SBTS”) were trained on the use of this new feature and they conducted turnaround training for the teachers in each of their schools.
  • April 14 (evening) FCPS decided to announce a 2 hour delay for Wednesday, April 15 in order to enable FCPS IT staff and Blackboard to address the security issue by adding enhanced security features.
  • Wednesday, April 15, Blackboard 24-7 learning system again experienced technical difficulties. A decision was made to cancel teacher-led distance learning for the remainder of the day.
  • April 15 (evening) FCPS announced the decision to suspend synchronous learning for the rest of the week while Blackboard ensures the performance of its platforms across our 189,000 student system.
  • The Blackboard Learn platform was last updated on June 12-19, 2018. FCPS migrated to a new release of the software at that time.
  • Blackboard did not provide any indication that an upgrade was needed to accommodate the high usage load anticipated for the Distance Learning Plan prior to Wednesday, April 15, after the issues were encountered
  • FCPS is working with Blackboard to conduct necessary updates and fixes
  • FCPS remains hopeful that the upgrades will be successful, and the 24/7 system will be able to accommodate all of our users.
  • Blackboard has issued an apology

Current Plans for Distance Learning

  • Students continue to have access to learning materials available on the FCPS website, cable channels, and the mailed learning packets.
  • Teacher-student contact is continuing. 
  • Distance learning will resume Monday morning.
  • If Blackboard is unable to provide a reliable operating system, your child’s teacher will still provide new instructional opportunities through a variety of tools including Google Classroom, pre-recorded videos, learning packets, eBooks, and other approved digital resources as well as directing students to Channels 21, 25 and 99 resources.
  • If Blackboard 24/7 remains inoperable during the week, schools will also be preparing to provide “face to face” instruction through a secure Blackboard Collaborate link. 
  • In the meantime, please ensure that your student has set Chrome as the default browser on the device they will be using for distance learning. Directions can be found on our website.


Moving Forward

The FCPS Contract with Blackboard, Inc. for Blackboard Learn ends in 2021. FCPS has plans to migrate to a new vendor/product Schoology in 2021.

A plan is in place to pilot the system to 15-20 schools in Fall of 2020, assess any issues, make the necessary adjustments, train the teachers, and launch Divisionwide in 2021.

Superintendent's FY 21 Revised Budget Recommendations to School Board

Click here for the latest budget update from the April 16 School Board Meeting. This includes information regarding revised budget recommendations due to the changing economic forecast because of COVID-19.

Updated budget timeline:

  • On February 6, 2020, the School Board adopted the FY21 Advertised Budget.
  • Due to the changing economic conditions resulting from the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), it is necessary to revise the FY21 Advertised Budget.
  • On April 7, 2020, the County Executive submitted an add-on package to the Board of Supervisors with a revised budget proposal.
  • On Monday, April 13, 2020, Governor Northam released his amendments to the 2020-2022 biennial budget.
  • The Governor’s amendments will be considered by the General Assembly at the Reconvened Session on April 22, 2020, where it will vote to accept or reject the budget actions recommended by the Governor. Upon completion of the work by the General Assembly, the budget will be returned to the Governor for his signature and any final veto actions.
  • Due to the economic impact on state and local budgets resulting from the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), it is necessary to revise the FY21 Advertised Budget. Recommended revenue revisions will include the revised County transfer, state revenue impact, and recommended expenditure revisions.

April 20

School Board conducts budget work session

April 23

School Board considers FY 2021 Revised Budget


Presentation - FY 2021 Approved Budget


School Board holds public hearings on budget


School Board holds public hearings on budget (if needed)


School Board conducts budget work session


School Board adopts FCPS FY 2021 Approved Budget


Special Education Update

Many of you have asked for updates regarding services and supports for special education families.

These links include information about

  • Temporary Learning Plans,
  • IEP Meetings and Eligibility Meetings,
  • Instructional packets,
  • Who to contact, roles and responsibilities of staff during distance learning,
  • Link to the complete FCPS distance learning plan to include special education resources.
  • Related services providers

Below are excerpts from a letter from the FCPS Assistant Superintendent for Special Education, Teresa Johnson:

Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)

FCPS will be implementing for students with IEPs a Temporary Learning Plan (TLP) that will outline special education and related services during the school closure. Special education case managers, in collaboration with related services providers, will consult with, and gather input from parents about the TLP for each student which will outline the prioritized goals, accommodations and services that will be addressed during the school closure.  

The TLP is a letter that will identify the continuity of learning services that will be provided to students between now and the end of the school year. This week, FCPS provided training for school staff on how to draft and implement the TLP. While the expectation is that plans are completed by school staff by the end of April, there is recognition that flexibility in the timeline is needed due to individual family circumstances.

Distance Learning FAQs

FCPS Special Services is also in the process of developing a special education COVID 19 Frequently Asked Questions document for parents and school staff.  We have received a number of questions and hope that this information will be helpful for community members as we progress through this challenging time of unknowns.  Additional resources related to mental health for students and families are located on the Special Services webpage:

Our thanks to the leadership of the Special Education PTA for their collaboration and contribution of the video on How to Navigate the Accommodations Toolkit We will continue to update the special education webpage as more information becomes available.

Opportunity for Free College Classes

NOVA Jump Start - New Opportunity for Current and Rising Seniors to take college classes for free

Yesterday, NOVA announced the launch of JumpStart , a new opportunity for current and rising seniors to NOVA to take up to two, tuition-free online college courses this summer.

NOVA has identified a specific set of courses available through this initiative, including courses for NOVA degree requirements that are also highly transferable credits to four-year institutions as well as coursework in cloud computing through a collaboration with Amazon Web Services.

Mental Health & Wellness Resources

As we continue to adjust to the new realities of family life during the COVID-19 outbreak, I thought you might find these mental health and wellness events helpful.

Mental Health Resources:

Upcoming Events:

For Parents and Other Adults:

  • The George Mason University Center for Psychological Services is hosting a workshop series on Mental Health and Wellness During COVID-19 on Monday evenings at 6:00 pm. Join them here...password CPSworkshop.
    • Resilience and Maintaining a Positive Mood, Monday, April 20 at 6:00 pm
    • Mindfulness, Monday, April 27 at 6:00 pm

For Teens:

  • Our Minds Matter, a program of the Josh Anderson Foundation, hosts a weekly meeting for teens to connect with peers and participate in activities focused on self-care and resources. The Virtual Wellness Wednesdays occur every Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. Click here to join the meeting.

For Teens, Young Adults, and Parents:

Family Resources

Food Services

Fairfax County Public Schools continues to help distribute meals throughout the county. As of April 16, 2020, over 403,000 meals have been served.

Visit: visit: for more information. Or, you can use the Fairfax County interactive map to find community meal distribution sites, food pantries, and other related services.


As of April 15, FCPS has distributed 14,716 laptops and over 700 MiFi devices to ensure students have access to technology and reliable internet. If your student is in need of a laptop, please check with your student's school

Internet Assistance Programs

Several companies are helping families in need during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the companies offering assistance programs are Comcast, Cox, and Verizon. Here you will find a Complete List.

From College Board - SAT Information

This is especially for the Class of 2021.

The June 6th 2020 SAT is cancelled

If it is safe:

  • College Board is planning makeup SATs this summer - weekend SAT administrations every month through the end of the calendar year, beginning in August.
  • There will be a newly schedule September test, in addition to the previously scheduled tests.
  • Rising Seniors (Class of 2021) who haven’t yet taken the SAT will have early access to registration for the August, September, and October administrations. They will be notified by email in May when registration opens. Eligible students will be able to take the exam with a fee waiver.
  • In the unlikely event that schools don't reopen this fall, the College Board will provide a digital SAT for home use. They will work to ensure that at-home SAT testing is simple; secure and fair; accessible to all; and valid for use in college admissions.

Check out their website with new information as it become available.

Updated AP/IB Information

AP Students - College Board should have emailed our AP students information about upcoming exams – please make sure to check your email or have your student check their email.

IB students - Due to the closure of the Virginia public schools for the remainder of the school year, FCPS requested extended deadlines for submission of required components. Moving forward, IB coordinators and teachers will communicate directly with students and families regarding these deadlines to ensure students complete and submit all required coursework.

Read more here

Useful FCPS and County Links:

FCPS Links


Fairfax County Resources/Links

Fairfax County Abuse Hotlines

Fairfax County Family Services Resources

The Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board is still operating but with continually evolving changes. Please check their web site for updated support options.

The Fairfax County Department of Family Services has created a resource for how to access their services from a distance.  

Fairfax County COVID-19 Resources

  • Questions re COVID-19: Email questions or concerns to This email account will be staffed Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. through 6 p.m.
  • Health Department Call Center: 703-267-3511 with Coronavirus questions; open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends.
  • Visit a web portal for coronavirus that serves as a one-stop online resource for information.

County COVID-19 Updates:

How to Help:

Blood Donations:

Fairfax County Red Cross Blood Donation Information

Blood donation centers are open and there is an urgent need for donations right now. CDC encourages people who are well to continue to donate blood if they are able, even if they are practicing social distancing because of COVID-19. CDC has issued recommendations to keep blood donors and staff safe: Examples of these recommendations include spacing donor chairs 6 feet apart, thoroughly adhering to environmental cleaning practices, and encouraging donors to make donation appointments ahead of time. To learn more about blood donation and COVID-19, visit the American Red Cross and the CDC FAQ webpage

Blood Plasma Donations for INOVA Health:

Blood plasma research from those who have recovered from COVID-19: Inova Health System is looking for individuals recovered from COVID-19 to donate plasma (colorless fluid part of blood) for a research study. Your donated plasma contains immunoglobulins (immune protection) and this study will use your plasma to help patients currently sick with COVID-19 disease. More information can be found on the COVID-19 Research page.

FCPS Foundation

The FCPS Foundation provides support to our schools and has continued to be a resource to our community. Please consider making a donation to our Foundation to help our children and families in need. During this time of closure, the Foundation has provided $40,000 to help order 30,000 school supply kits for students and given $17,000 to local food banks, among other initiatives.

Respiratory Clinics & Info from INOVA

Inova has established Respiratory Illness Clinics to evaluate all patients with respiratory illness symptoms. These clinics will also be able to collect samples via physician ordered and coordinated vehicle-side appointments for COVID-19 testing.

Please see the following updated hours and status for Inova Respiratory Illness Clinics and Urgent Care Centers:

  • Inova Urgent Care Centers at Dulles South, Tysons and North Arlington are operating as Respiratory Illness Clinics and only evaluating patients with respiratory illness symptoms.
    • Tysons Respiratory Illness Clinic is operating 7-days per week, from 8AM-8PM.
    • Dulles South and North Arlington Respiratory Illness Clinics are operating Monday-Friday from 8AM-8PM
  • NEW: Beginning Monday, April 20, Inova Primary Care – Old Town Alexandria will operate as a Respiratory Illness Clinic *by appointment only* Monday-Friday from 1PM-4:30PM. To schedule a respiratory evaluation at the Old Town office, patients should call (703) 683-7220.  
  • Our Respiratory Illness Clinics are able to collect samples via physician ordered and coordinated vehicle-side appointments for COVID-19 testing, as well as screen patients for COVID-19 symptoms. For more information, visit this link.
  • All other Inova Urgent Care Locations are seeing non-respiratory patients only. For addresses and hours, visit this link.

Before visiting any Inova Respiratory Illness Clinic, take the following steps:

1.    Contact your regular physician for evaluation.  For assistance with recommendations, to arrange for a physician appointment, or if you do not have a primary care physician, call 1-855-IMG-DOCS.

2.    Your regular physician should evaluate your symptoms to determine if testing is needed based on COVID-19 testing criteria, provide a testing order, and coordinate your referral to the Inova Respiratory Illness Clinic for evaluation.

3.    Upon arrival at the Inova Respiratory Illness Clinic, a clinician will greet the patient at their vehicle to collect samples for a physician-ordered test, or escort the patient into the respiratory clinic for evaluation.

4.    For patients who undergo COVID-19 testing, an Inova nurse will contact those whose results are negative. For patients with positive results, an Inova nurse will coordinate with the patient’s regular physician for notification and further instructions. Patients who are tested can expect results in roughly 4-7 days.

5.    More information can be found following this link.  Addresses and contact information for the Inova Respiratory Illness Clinics are as follows: 

  • Inova Urgent Care – Tysons (8AM-8PM, 7 days a week) 8357 Leesburg Pike Vienna, VA 22182 571-665-6440
  • Inova Urgent Care – Dulles South (8AM-8PM, Monday-Friday) 24801 Pinebrook Rd. #110 Chantilly, VA 20152 703-722-2500
  • Inova Urgent Care – N. Arlington (8AM-8PM, Monday-Friday) 4600 Lee Hwy. Arlington, VA  22207 571-492-3080
  • Inova Primary Care – Old Town Alexandria (By Appointment Only, 1:00-4:30 PM, Monday-Friday) 325 South Washington Street Alexandria, VA 22314 703-683-7220





Congratulations to our FCPS All-Virginia Band, Chorus, and Orchestra Students!!

One hundred seventy-six students from Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) high schools have been named to the 2020 All-Virginia Band, Chorus, and Orchestra. These groups had been scheduled to perform on Saturday, April 25, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, but the performances were cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Students from throughout Virginia went through a rigorous audition process to compete for a spot in the band, chorus, or orchestra. Students selected for these ensembles were to have rehearsed with nationally recognized expert conductors to prepare for their performances.

Congratulations to all these talented and amazing musicians! This is an incredibly achievement and we at FCPS are very proud of you.

FCPS students selected for the groups in 2020 are:

Annandale High School:

Garrett Meadows, Chorus Claire Vaughn, Chorus

Centreville HIgh School: Sarah Campbell, Chorus Mandy He, Band Chaewon Kim, Orchestra Dongjoo Kim, Orchestra Minsong Kim, Band Amisha Kumar, Chorus Karen Sakla, Chorus Rosalyn Shin, Orchestra

Chantilly High School:

Angela Giaconia, Chorus David Kang, Band Mathuin Smith, Band

Edison High School: Kevin Haes, Chorus Charlotte Malone, Chorus Maya Pattison, Chorus Sophia Pelekasis, Orchestra

Fairfax High School: Charlie Bicknell,Chorus Macie Chamberlin, Band Elizabeth Choi, Orchestra Emma Golden, Chorus Shahab Khan, Band Edward Park, Chorus Abril Tello Cornejo, Chorus Ethan Walter, Orchestra Daniel Young, Chorus

Falls Church High School: Jack Child, Chorus Dong Kim, Chorus Sophia Willson-Quayle, Chorus

Hayfield Secondary School: Serenity Flores, Chorus Annie Laurie Latrash, Chorus Jordan Rockhill, Chorus

Herndon High School: Jake Cuppernull, Orchestra John Czekanski,  Orchestra Ethan Morad,  Orchestra Ava Nguyen, Orchestra

Justice High School: Sophie Briscombe, Chorus Andre Farkas, Band Darien Roby, Chorus

Lake Braddock Secondary School: Thomas Baehm, Band Natalie Brennan, Chorus Sarah Brotemarkle, Chorus Alexandra Harbourt,  Chorus Theresa Madrigal, Chorus Grace Moore, Band Siam Salam, Chorus Clara Small, Band Dwight Smith, Band Isabella Thurgood,Chorus Maia Trafton,Band

Langley High School Justin Bahr, Band Cherri Chen, Band Claire Doody, Chorus Tamara Haidar, Chorus Elizabeth Johnston, Band Alyssa Kim, Orchestra Gabriel Krieger, Orchestra Kevin Philips,Band Eleanor Smedberg,  Chorus Jeffrey Song, Band Clark Tao, Band Will Yang, Chorus Kaylie Yim, Chorus

Lee High School: Nazmee Kamal, Chorus

Madison High School:  Christina Alegre, Band Caroline Cha, Chorus Lola Henninger, Band Isabella Mudrick, Chorus Logan Neville, Chorus Emily O’Brien, Band Aaron Oh, Orchestra Sofie Remondino, Chorus Christian Sun, Band Sydney Topoleski,Chorus

Marshall High School: Miles Devlin, Band Teddy Dunn, Band Elise Ebert, Chorus Kian Mostaghim,  Chorus Becker Spear, Chorus Sofia Vergara, Chorus

McLean High School: Ella David, Orchestra Alex Gamboa, Band Steve Han,  Orchestra Chris Kang, Band Catherine Kim, Band Elena Klenk, Orchestra Joshua Levy, Band Sarah Levy, Band Maxence Mourie, Orchestra Emily Mortman, Band Eshan Parkash, Orchestra Hannah Sim, Band Alex Swers, Band Julia Tan, Band Varun Veluri, Band Justin Winn,  Orchestra

Oakton High School: Soni Bae, Orchestra Danny Harkin, Band Tyler Hyun, Orchestra Jayden Liu, Band Amalia Manhoff, Chorus Tarun Sivanandan, Chorus Ray Wang, Orchestra

Robinson Secondary School: Elizabeth Bird, Band Sarai Burgos, Chorus Alex Corley, Orchestra Max Cotton, Band Aaron d’Alelio, Band Ari Enav, Band Naomi Fitzgerald, Chorus Bridget Sheridan, Band Lydia Sorenson, Band

South County High School: Warisha Hussain, Chorus Talbot Jennings, Band Daniel Kim, Band Gabrielle Nguyen, Band Madeline Schneider, Chorus Kevon Thompson, Chorus Annie Tran, Chorus Connor Walsh, Chorus La’Nia White, Chorus Kandace Williams, Chorus Elycia Woodham, Chorus

South Lakes High School: Olivia Bond, Orchestra Aaron Eudaimon, Band Delia Hartman, Chorus Parker Tremaine, Band Leila Zavala, Chorus

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology: Jeb Barker, Band Aditi Chandreshaker, Band Emma Cheng, Band Malva de Boor, Band Alex Emmert, Band Sophia Go,  Orchestra Ramya Griddaluri, Orchestra Jonathan Hou, -Band Mira Kim, Band Vance Kreider, Band Jenny Li, Band Evan Ling, Band Edward Lue, Band Jack Moeser, Band Jason Pak, Orchestra Zach Pracher, Band Alex Suh, Orchestra Sophie Uy, Band Owen Wetterhan, Band Jessica Yoon, Orchestra

West Potomac High School: Alex Ferarri, Band Anna Ferarri, Band Christopher Hewitt, Chorus

West Springfield High School: Jaelyn Do, Orchestra Andrew Egerstrom, Band Edward English, Band Helen Freeman, Band Jenna Hoffman, Band Jared Simons, Band

Westfield High School: Brendan Black, Band George Pekarsky, Orchestra Matthew Vice, Band

Woodson High School: Caroline Barata, Chorus Nicholas Brenner, Orchestra Ciaran Costello, Chorus Lucas Donat, Chorus Thomas Eskelsen, Band Caroline Hancock,  Chorus Anna Paek, Orchestra Sam Park, Band Bonnie Pohland, Chorus Skyler Ryu, Orchestra Jeremy Swack, Band Ananyashri Sai,  Chorus Natalie Tidd, Band Ivan Tysarczyk, Chorus August Vesilind, Chorus



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