Crossfield News, Special Edition 4/16/2020

Important Notice: Changes in Distance Learning

Blackboard will be down starting at 5pm today for updates. We hope it will be up and functional on Monday.

We are in the process of enhancing security in the Blackboard system to prevent any disruptions during teacher-led instruction. Students will no longer be using the Guest Access link to enter their Virtual Classrooms. Their Virtual Classrooms will have moved inside the Blackboard FCPS 24-7 platform

  • How do students access the room? They will use their student username and password to login to Blackboard and enter their Class Course. Parents will not have access to the Blackboard Collaborate Tool. Therefore, only students should login and follow these directions.
  • Once in their Class Course, students click on the “Collaborate Ultra” link within the navigation bar.


  • Finally, students should enter their Teacher’s Virtual Classroom session by clicking on the session name. Because students are logged in to Blackboard, the student’s username will appear in the attendee panel.

Here is also a helpful video reviewing these login steps