Welcome - TJ Class of 2024


Congratulations again to all of the students who have accepted the offer of admission to join the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Class of 2024. It was great to have met many students and families last Thursday via our inaugural VIRTUAL Welcome Night and we hope you found the experience rewarding and exciting.

Emails & Communication

We have populated what is called a News You Choose group with the accepted applicant and parent emails that were provided by the TJ Admissions Office to help facilitate some early communication about a few important topics.  This News You Choose group will remain restricted until we have had the opportunity to replace the emails with those enrolling parent emails that will eventually be entered into our Student Information System (SIS). The News You Choose group will later be opened up for subscriptions to allow families to enter multiple email addresses.  In the meantime you can subscribe to other TJHSST News You Choose groups by going to the Subscriber Preferences Page.

Thank you, in advance, for your patience as we work as quickly as possible to get all students registered and please be sure to keep an eye out for new messages at this email address in the meantime.


Families currently enrolled in FCPS:

For now, there is nothing that families currently enrolled with FCPS need to do to formally register with TJHSST. We are handling this part of the process for you.

Families not yet enrolled in FCPS:

At this time, we are unable to conduct a face to face formal registration with non-FCPS families safely. We will need to conduct a formal registration once school offices reopen that will require specific documentation to be brought to the school to formally register. In the meantime, to facilitate a registration we will be sending a link to a 2024 Temporary Intake Form Google Form very soon where we will ask families to provide the basic information we need to create an FCPS Student ID#. After receipt of this form from all non-FCPS families, we will communicate your new FCPS Student ID# directly via email.

Course Selection

We hope that you had an opportunity to learn about some of the curricular options available to 9th graders on last Thursday’s Virtual Welcome Night or have perused the TJHSST website for information and to have some of your initial questions answered. If you need some additional information about what courses to consider we would encourage you to visit some of the information pages that we’ve set up to share some general guidelines: 

Choosing Your 9th Grade Courses & General Info & FAQs for Incoming Students and Families

After we’ve had an opportunity to enter the preliminary course selections into the Student Information System (SIS), Transition Counselors will be reaching out to the enrolling parent to verify that the courses we’ve entered are correct.  Please understand that this will take time as we must manually enter the course selections for each student. We will also be sending out an email to all families to help inform that conversation. For those families new to FCPS, this verification email will also contain your student’s FCPS ID# which replaces the applicant ID.  Your student will use this FCPS ID# throughout their time at TJHSST.

Transportation & Summer School

Before families can register for FCPS transportation and Summer School they will first need their FCPS ID# (see above).  Information about FCPS transportation and Summer School registration will be sent after we’ve finished entering all of the registration and course selection information into our Student Information System (SIS).   Rest assured, we will do everything we can to have these emails sent as soon as possible and, hopefully, by the end of April.

Thank you, in advance, for your continued patience and again, welcome to the TJHSST family!