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From the Principal



I hope this message finds each of you and your families safe and well.  As we continue to work our way through this unprecedented time, I want you to know that we are working very diligently alongside the rest of the dedicated employees in FCPS to do what is best for our, and all students.  During this time, we have never been so coordinated as we are at this time, and this is due to the fact that as we progress, we have to take into account providing the most equitable solutions for all of our young clients.  I know that I shared this with you before, but again please do your best to be as patient as possible because this is a humongous shift in thinking we are having to work though.

I hope that you have been receiving and taking the time to listen to or read the many updates that have come from the Superintendent’s Office around the Distance Learning Plan (DLP). Yesterday, Dr. Brabrand met with the School Board to present to them our plan for educating our students through the end of the year.  If you were not able to watch the meeting, here is a summary of what was discussed as posted on the FCPS website.

With all that was shared with respect to instruction we still have so many questions around what everything else is going to look like, or how we will handle other areas of the school experience for our students.  Trust me, we are asking many of those same questions and working with the leadership to come up with answers for our families. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.  I will try to be transparent here and say that if the question is not tied to instruction, 90% of my answers will likely be, “I am not sure about that at this time, but I will run that up the chain to try to find an answer for you.”  This is due to the fact that just about all of our focus has been dedicated to our instructional structure.  I hope that we have been responsive to those of you who have asked questions.  We will continue to try to provide the best possible customer service we can. 

Now I am going to run down a few things I need you to consider as you bite your tongue before asking that question (whatever it is) that is burning a hole in your lip. 

  • Please know that the directives we are working under are coming from the VDOE and we are doing our best to adjust to them. So when it comes to progress for your individual child, and considering his or her perspective academic career path, please know that there is only so much customization that we are able to do in the midst of this crisis. 
  • As I have shared before, we are a huge school district and the size restricts us from moving as quickly as we all want to.  So being able to begin earlier, or move faster, or..... is tough to do.
  • Please consider the fact that our teaching and support staff also have the challenges that many of you are facing of double duty. They too are being asked to navigate working to provide the best possible learning experience and care for our students, while also ensuring the care of their own little ones around their respective homes. 

I know that some of our students would like to get into the building to pick up items they may have left.  Only critical needs will be addressed such as:

  • laptops or laptop chargers
  • emergency medications that you are not able to obtain from your primary care physician

In either of these situations, we are not allowing students to come into the building.  But we would retrieve these critical items for you to pick up through curbside delivery at the school.  Unfortunately we still are not able to allow access to the building for students as we are still being directed (and rightly so) to continue to practice social distancing at its highest levels. 

I have asked our teachers to actively reach out to their students to allow them to make up missed work from before March 13th.  Assessments may be a bit more difficult to work through at this time due to the fact that we have to be concerned about test/quiz security.  But we are working on how to do this for our students.  I strongly encourage you to have your students to reach out to their teachers to reconnect.  In fact, someone needs to reach out to me!  Where is the love folks?!!

On April 14th, teachers will begin 4th quarter instruction.  While the 4th quarter will result in a "No Mark" grade, please encourage your students to engage as much as possible in the instructional model we will have in place.  While it won’t be the same experience they have been used to, I am confident that it will be a valuable one that will afford them to display mastery of their courses which could positively influence their grades. 

Thank you once again for allowing me to lead our school.  I remain committed to your children and I ask that you let them know that we are all in this with them!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.  #OneStallion






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Yearbook Online Sales extended

Students are working hard to make sure a yearbook is produced to reflect the year as a whole.  Due to the cancellation of on-site schooling, online sales are being extended.  Information about yearbook distribution will be sent out at a later date.  Get your yearbook online today.  www.yearbookforever.com


Mulch Sale Cancelled

The Mulch sale has been cancelled. *No payments were processed. For further inquiries please email sdanderson@fcps.edu.


Mental Health Resources | 24/7 Emergency Numbers

If you are in crisis, text NEEDHELP to 85511, call 1-800-273-TALK, or dial 911; TTY dial 711

CrisisLink Regional Hotline: 703-527-4077 (CrisisLink is a hotline for individuals in crisis or family/friends seeking guidance for how to help a loved one)

Dominion Hospital Assessment and Referral Line: 703-536-2000

Inova Emergency Services: 703-289-7560

Mobile Crisis Unit: 1-844-627-4747

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK or 1-800-SUICIDE