Important Spring Sports Tryout Information Reminder!

Spring Sports Tryout Information

Dear Parents and Students

This a reminder! Spring Sports start on February 24th.

Coaches do not collect paperwork the first day of tryouts or thereafter. They will only be accepting “the PASS” from the Athletic Trainers Office.  The “Pass” is written notification that the student gives the coach on their first day of tryouts.  It is the only paper the coaches will accept at tryouts.  The last day to turn in paperwork is February 21st.

To obtain the pass, all students trying out for a spring sport MUST turn in VHSL Physical, Emergency Care Card, and have completed FCPS Concussion education. To obtain the pass come to the AudLob on:

Friday 2/14, 8-3 and Friday 2/21 8-3pm.

Students can drop them off in the athletic training room office for Ms. Please DO NOT email any forms.

Students do not need to bring a new physical form if they have already turned in one this school year. Ms Murphy will verify a physical is on file.

Fall and Winter athletes wanting to try-out for a spring sport do NOT need to bring a new ECC. Ms Murphy has the one on file from the winter. We will re-use it . All you need to do is send an email to with your name and spring sport and a PASS will be made for you ahead of time. You can skip standing in line.

Students that are unsure if they are going to do a spring sport are encouraged to come and get a pass to ensure they are ready to tryout.

All information regarding tryouts and paperwork procedures can be found at  or on Instagram @TJColonials1

For any other questions, please email TJ’s Athletic Trainer, or TJ’s Director of Student Activities,

Goooooooo Colonials!