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Food for Neighbors Volunteers collected and sorted over 2000 lbs of food on January 11

Community Forum - Interior Camera Proposal & PTA Bylaws 

Tuesday, January 21, a community forum will be held, where information will be shared and an opportunity will be provided to ask questions regarding the interior camera proposal. During this meeting, we will also review the new proposed PTA bylaws. We need at least 10 PTA members to attend this meeting in order to vote on the bylaws. These bylaws are crucial to the ability of the PTA to continue to exist throughout the rest of this year and beyond. 

Community Information:

Interior Camera Information:

Interior Camera FAQs:

If you are unable to attend the Community Forum on January 21 at 7:00 pm or the February 11, PTA meeting at 7:00 pm and would like to submit feedback, please fill out the Community Input Survey. You may also email with your comments on this proposal and whether you support or oppose the installation. If in your comments you include contact information I will respond to you. 

Parent/Guardian Programs

Learn more about and/or register for the following parent programs by clicking on the link.

Additional parent resources to include YouTube videos of previous presentations can be found here

Mind in the making series: the seven essential life skills every child needs: Mind in the making series, learn strategies for improving these skills.   

Calm Conversations with your adolescent workshop: join Corinne Coppola, M.A., and Well-Being Professional, learn tools that foster loving and safe communication.   

Portrait of an ADHD Graduate, overcoming obstacles while optimizing strengths, preparing students to be successful in the 21st century workforce.   

Library News 

At the end of this week, we’ll have had all 541 seventh grade students into the library to borrow a narrative nonfiction title for an upcoming English project.  The “nonfiction” part means that the book is a true account.  The “narrative” part means that the book reads like a story, with a distinct beginning, middle and end.  Please ask your 7th grader what book they choose for the assignment.  If they still need help selecting a title, send them our way, or email us with questions.  Some of our most popular titles were snatched up right away.  Though it is not required, it is an option to purchase your own copy of much-sought-after title.  Checking the holdings at Fairfax County Public Libraries is also a great option.  

The end of the second quarter is upon us.  As such, we’d like to get a good handle on where our library books are--specifically the ones that are long overdue.  This next week we’ll be sending notices to your students about any library overdues that they have.  Please encourage them to return the books; we have other students who are waiting to read them!  Soon all of the 8th grade class will be visiting to borrow a fiction title for their quarterly English project.  We’d like to have as many books as possible on our shelves from which they can select.

Mary Ann Monk ( & Diane Gawalt (, Irving MS Librarians

After School Program

Activity Schedule

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Parking for Pick Up After School

If you are picking up your child after the 2nd after school block (4:35 pm), please do not wait in the bus loop or along the curb in front of the school.  We need this space for the late buses when they arrive to pick up students.  For kiss-and-ride after 4:30 pm, please use the normal kiss-and-ride lane.  

Please contact the After School Program Specialist, Emily Geary ( with questions about the after school program.

West Springfield Rotary Club’s Annual “4-Way Test” Essay Contest: Deadline February 7th!

Calling all students!  Every year our local Rotary Club chapter sponsors an essay contest centered around the “4-Way Test”. Students are asked to write an essay about the “4-Way Test” and incorporate creativity, originality, and quality or writing into their piece. For contest overview, rules, and an entry sheet, students should see Ms. Geary during lunch.  All entries are due no later than Friday, February 7th. Early entries are encouraged!  Three winners are selected from Irving to be recognized at the local chapter’s breakfast in their honor, and the 1st place winner moves forward to a District competition with a grand prize of $750!

Lost & Found

Irving’s Lost & Found is on display for all students to check during their lunch period.  At the end of each month, we wash and donate all clothing, lunch boxes, and water bottles.  If your child has lost an item, please advise them to check for it during lunch.  We will make announcements the week leading up to donation day to remind students to claim their belongings.  If you would like to inquire about an item, please email Emily Geary (

PTA News

Next PTA meeting - February 11 at 7:00 pm 


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