FCPS Online Campus, FCPSOn and ORW

FCPS Online Campus

FCPS Online Campus summer courses will be available to eligible high school students who meet prerequisites and technical requirements.  Students may take one online course for first time or repeat credit.  Courses are rigorous; therefore, students should consult their counselor prior to registering.  Program information is available at Summer Learning.  Registration for summer Online Campus courses opened January 6, 2020.  Contact our school counselor, Greta Thomas, for more information.

FCPSOn and Open Response Writing

Parents and guardians! Please remind your student to bring a fully charged laptop to school EVERY DAY! QRS teachers have been working hard to present dynamic, engaging content and students have an increase numbers of ways to present their knowledge. To fully benefit students need to bring their laptops to school!

QRS students will be taking the mid-year Open Response Writing assessment Wednesday, January 15th. Student will access this assessment through Google Classroom. Please remind your student to bring their full charged laptop!