Learn about the Fairfax Early Childhood Partnership! Please join us!

Fairfax Early Childhood Partnership: Learn about Why and How the partnership supports quality early learning experiences for children and families.

The Fairfax Early Childhood Partnership was developed through a collaborative effort in response to the FCPS Strategic Plan Goal for Student Success, Early Education: All future FCPS families will access high-quality early learning experiences. The Partnership's committed planning team includes representatives from various FCPS programs and departments, Fairfax County Office for Children, and community early childhood programs.

5 Things to Know or Do 5 Things for You to Know or Do:

  1. A shared vision of the importance of quality early childhood experiences. “If we invest in programs that promote learning beginning at birth...the statistics will change, our stories will change, our future will change.” --Taken from the Ounce of Prevention, Change the First Five Years. See link to video below.
  2. Opportunities for collaborating on quality early childhood experiences. A network of support for children, families and educators in Fairfax County. To join the Fairfax Early Childhood Partnership, visit here and click on the blue bar. Complete the short survey and reap the benefits of joining: no cost and you will receive a monthly email from the Partnership Team that includes information about supporting quality early childhood experiences for young children, upcoming professional development opportunities, and early childhood tips. 
  3. Monthly Early Childhood Tips! Topics include Communication, Inclusion, Math & Literacy, School Readiness, Self-Regulation, And more! Accessible for free on the Fairfax Early Childhood Partnership website. Tips are also available through FCPS News You Choose. Stay updated with what's happening at FCPS and subscribe with News You Choose Sign Up Now  You can find the subscription topic “Fairfax Early Childhood Partnership” under Instructional Services. 
  4. Support for quality early childhood experiences for children and families. Quality resources and tools are accessible on the Fairfax Early Childhood Partnership website. 
  5. Opportunities for professional development. Visit the Fairfax Early Childhood Partnership website for ongoing and upcoming opportunities.

4 Children Read Alouds 4 Supporting Documents to Read

  1.  Fairfax County Equitable School Readiness Strategic Plan The Fairfax County Equitable School Readiness Strategic Plan lays out a vision and roadmap for ensuring that all young children in Fairfax County have the supports they need to be successful in school and beyond.
  2.  One Fairfax Resolution One Fairfax is a framework—or “lens”—that will be used to consider equity in decision-making and in the development and delivery of future policies, programs and services. It will help county and school leaders to look intentionally, comprehensively and systematically at barriers that may be creating gaps in opportunity.
  3.  School Readiness Tool School readiness, defined by the Virginia Department of Education, describes the capabilities of children, their families, schools, and communities that will best promote student success in kindergarten and beyond.  The Readiness Tool is a resource for early childhood educators and caregivers. It can identify and support a child’s skills in the areas of social-emotional development, communication, literacy, and mathematics. All children vary in their development. The examples represent developmentally appropriate skills for preschool age children and are not a complete list. This is not a formal assessment.
  4.  Helping Children Learn Newsletter and Daily Learning Planner Helping Children Learn Newsletter- Tips families can use to help children do better in school;  Daily Learning Planner: Ideas Parents Can Use to Help Children Prepare for School —Try a New Idea Every Day!

3 Links to Visit 3 Links to Visit

  1. Fairfax Early Childhood Partnership
  2. Learn more about FCPS Kindergarten
  3. FCPS Family Engagement Resources

2 Points to Access Research 2 Videos to View

  1. Fairfax County Office for Children: Stepping into Kindergarten
  2. The Ounce: Change the First Five Years

1 Video to View 1 Point to Access Research

  1. Quantifying the Life-cycle Benefits of a Prototypical Early Childhood Program, James Heckman