FCPSOn Technology Support Fee & FRM Status

FCPSOn Technology Support Fee

As part of FCPSOn, an annual technology support fee of $50 has been charged to high school students. This fee will help ensure students have access to the technology they need by defraying the cost to repair and replace equipment, ensuring all students have the necessary laptops for testing, and providing back-up laptops as a substitute as needed.


The technology support fee will be billed centrally using FCPS’ e-commerce platform, My School Bucks (MSB), which retrieves information from the Student Information System (SIS). Parents/guardians and students who do not have an MSB account will receive a bill from MSB to the primary email address recorded in SIS. In person payments are also accepted at Quander Road School.

Consent to Share FRM Information

Free and Reduced status alone is not sufficient to have the technology support fee reduced or waved. Students who have Free and Reduced status and have given consent to share their FRM status for a waiver or reduction of the technology support fee will be charged $25 for Reduced status; the fee will be waived for Free status. Consent to Share forms can still be submitted to Food Service:

Fairfax County Public Schools
Office of Food and Nutrition Services
6840 Industrial Road
Springfield VA 22151-9922