Thoreau Cell Phone Policy

Message from Mr. Azimi

Dear Thoreau Community: 

At Thoreau, we teach and promote appropriate digital citizenship to our students.  We want to support them in their academic success, yet understand that electronic devices (like phones) can be a major temptation and distraction.  FCPS released guidelines two weeks ago for all middle schools to start following a countywide consistent policy effective SY2019-2020 which is a significant change from last year.  I have already shared this information with the Thoreau staff and now I would like to share it with our parent community.  I will be sharing all of this with our students on the first day of school, but I wanted to provide parents the opportunity to review this with their children as well. 

All electronic devices to include, but not limited to, phones, smart watches, airpods, tablets, etc., must be powered off and kept away for the duration of the school day in student-assigned lockers.  Electronic devices may be used on campus before the 7:30AM bell and after the 2:15PM bell each school day.  The use of social media, taking/posting pictures, playing games, and other technology features are not allowed during the school day.  Thoreau and FCPS assume no liability for the loss or damage of a student’s device.  I ask that you support us in reminding your child to never share their locker combination with another student. 

If a student chooses to use an electronic device, staff members will confiscate the device and bring it the main office to be secured.  Consequences for unauthorized use of electronic devices are as follows:

  • 1st time:  Student may retrieve his/her device at the end of the school day from the main office with a reminder of this policy.  An email will be sent home to the student’s parent/guardian as a courtesy notification. 
  • 2nd time:  The student’s parent/guardian will need to pick up the device from the main office.  Please note that after the first infraction, the device will only be released to the student’s parent/guardian. 
  • Subsequent infractions:  The student’s parent/guardian will need to pick up the device from the main office, as well as have a conference with the student’s administrator.  A consequence will be assigned. 

As a community, I know we can continue to foster a focused and engaged learning environment which is our mutual goal at Thoreau.  If there is a medical reason for your child to be exempted from this policy, please contact your child’s school counselor.  Thank you very much for your support. 


Yusef Azimi