FroshComm & Big Sibs


Dear Freshman,

Hello and welcome to our school! We are your Student Government Association (SGA) officers for the year and would like to let you know about two amazing opportunities to look into before the start of school.

Do you enjoy organizing events? Are you interested in Student Government? Would you like to serve as one of the leaders of the Freshman class as part of the TJ Student Government? If so apply to FroshComm!

FroshComm is the temporary student government for the Freshman class until elections are held in November, and is thus responsible for organizing all Homecoming Activities, such as constructing homecoming float, filming a spirit video, and leading cheers at Pep Rallies.  FroshComm members also gain valuable experience in leadership and student government. All information about FroshComm and the application process can be found in this form:


The Application deadline is Friday, July 12th at 11:59PM. Please let us know if you have any questions by sending an email to We look forward to seeing your application.

TJ can often seem like a daunting place for incoming Freshman, but there are many students in the school who would love to help you adjust and answer your questions. The BigSibs program is here to help you.

The BigSibs program works to pair a current TJ student (BigSibs) with incoming Freshman(Little Sibs). Your BigSib will be your mentor throughout the school year and will ease the transition from middle school. This program hopes to provide a network and an outlet for current students to share what they wish they knew when they were younger, and for younger students to have a place to go when they need advice. For more information and FAQ's look at the BigSibs website or email the coordinators at

The participation in this program from Freshman alone is usually 300-400 people, meaning nearly every freshman signs up to join. To sign up, please fill out this form

https;// There will be a meeting after the Freshman Orientation in August, so we hope you will attend.


TJ Student Government Association