TJHSST Class of 2023 - 4/9/19 Welcome


Congratulations again to all of the students who have accepted the offer of admission to join the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Class of 2023. It was great to have met many students and families last Thursday at Welcome Night and we hope you found the experience rewarding and exciting.  We want to extend a sincere thanks to the nearly 130 families joining us from outside of FCPS who took time on their Saturday morning to come into the building to formally register with the school.  

Emails & Communication

We have populated a News You Choose group with the accepted applicant and parent emails that were provided by the TJ Admissions Office to help facilitate some early communication about a few important topics.  This News You Choose group will remain restricted until we have had the opportunity to replace the emails with those enrolling parent emails that are in our Student Information System (SIS) for current FCPS families and non-FCPS family emails will be entered over the next few weeks according to the registration documents that the enrolling parent provided.  The News You Choose group will later be opened up for subscriptions to allow families to enter multiple email addresses.  In the meantime you can subscribe to other TJHSST News You Choose groups by going to the Subscriber Preferences Page. Thank you, in advance, for your patience as we work as quickly as possible to get all students registered and please be sure to keep an eye out for new messages at this email address in the meantime.


Course Selection

We hope that you had an opportunity learn about some of the curricular options available to 9th graders on Welcome Night or have perused the TJHSST Website for information.  The next step in the process of registering for the school involves students selecting their courses for their 9th grade year. We’ve setup a GoogleForm for students to access and enter their requests.  All students should use the same APPLICANT ID that they used for the TJ admissions process to help ensure the right courses align with the right students.


Students, please take a few minutes to visit the GoogleForm and to enter your course selections for the 2019-20 school year. The form can be accessed at: TJHSST Class of 2023 Course Selection


The form will ask you to enter your Applicant ID, your legal first & last name. You will then acknowledge that you will be enrolled in Biology, English, Technology, as well as Health & PE 9 – all required courses. You will be asked to provide us with some information about courses that you are currently taking and to select which world language and elective course you would like to take. Finally, we will ask if you are planning to take Summer School and, if so, which course you will be taking. 


It’s really that simple. If you need some additional information about what courses to consider we would encourage you to visit some of the information pages that we’ve set up to share some general guidelines:

Choosing Your 9th Grade Courses & General Info & FAQs for Incoming Students and Families


Students, please submit your course selections by April 16, 2019. This should allow enough time for the World Language department to communicate the results of the readiness assessments they conducted on Saturday, April 6,  and to allow families the opportunity to communicate with their transition counselor about which courses your student would like to take this Fall. 


After we’ve received course requests and have had an opportunity to enter them into the Student Information System (SIS), we will send an email to the enrolling parent to verify that the courses we’ve entered are correct.  Please understand that this will take time as we must manually enter the course selections for each student.  For those families new to FCPS, this verification email will also contain your student’s FCPS ID# which replaces the applicant ID.  Your student will use this FCPS ID# throughout their time at TJHSST.


Transportation & Summer School Registration

Before families can register for FCPS transportation and Summer School they will first need their FCPS ID# (see above).  Information about FCPS transportation and Summer School registration will be sent after we’ve finished entering all of the registration and course selection information into our Student Information System (SIS).  Rest assured, we will do everything we can to have these emails sent before Summer School registration opens on April 29, 2019.


Thank you, in advance, for your continued patience and again, welcome to the TJHSST family!