REMINDER: TJHSST Parents Select Your Bus Depot for 2019-2020

Reminder: Select Your Bus Depot for Next Year, 2019-2020

Attention TJHSST families who currently reside in Fairfax County and have students in TJ graduating classes 2020, 2021, and 2022:

We sent out a notice on February 14, 2019  to give you early access and advanced planning time to meet your family’s commuter needs for the 2019-20 school year. The FCPS Transportation Office appreciates your assistance to effectively assign bus depots for the coming school year. Thank you for your part in making our depot model a successful one!  

Even if your child does not plan to take a bus next year, please fill out the form and confirm no transportation is needed.  Note: families at TJHSST who do not reside within Fairfax County do not need to respond.

Fairfax County Families, if you haven't already done so, please take a moment to access the registration document found here. The form will be available through March 31, 2019.  If you submitted registration earlier in the process, you may still submit a new updated form as many times as you like through the deadline of March 31.

  • You are not limited to choosing a depot in your neighborhood.
  • Depots may be selected near your place of employment or on the route you use to drive to and from work.
  • There is no geographic requirement as to which depot you choose.
  • Drop off and pickup locations ARE PERMITTED to be different, and are not restricted by proximity to your home.
  • New this year: For your convenience, the FCPS Transportation Department has arranged, where possible, to add Fairfax County recreation centers and libraries. If personal circumstances cause a delay for you to pick up your child in the afternoon, recreation centers and libraries offer a safe and supervised location as approved and arranged by FCPS. Please be aware that these facilities will be added to the end of the route and will be the final stop.

Once again, we have provided below the information you need to have ready as you register using this online form.

  • A contact name and email address.
  • A correct student ID number- this is very important to have the ID correct.
  • Select a morning depot to drop off your student for transport to TJHSST.
  • Select an afternoon depot to pick up your student.
  • The depots listed in the drop down screens are the only available locations for selection, so please consider your choices carefully.
  • A verification of your selections will be emailed to you.

It is important that all Fairfax resident families respond.  If a family does not respond, the permanent address on record with the school will be used. This means FCPS Transportation will assign you the closest depot to your home.  Please remember, once you choose the available route or depot you wish for your student and submit the form, FCPS Transportation will route your student accordingly.  The assignment you receive will be permanent for the entire school year.  The only exceptions will be for families that move during the school year.

Any questions may be directed to FCPS Transportation supervisor Ms. Millie Perez-Tobar at 703-446-2050.

Note: Families of incoming 9th graders in the Class of 2023 will have their registration period starting at the end of April through May 2019. 

Fun Facts about the TJ Depot Model:

  • The depot model has cut the number of routes in half.
  • Ridership to TJHSST has increased by more than 25%.
  • The commute time for many students is reduced.
  • Fewer cars transporting students results in smoother traffic flow on our campus.

Our depots save FCPS nearly $300,000 annually.  In tight budget times, this equates to approximately four full-time teacher positions for FCPS.