Department of Student Services Update (2/28/19)

Course Selections for 2019-20 School Year

This is an important time of year as teachers, students, counselors and parents work collaboratively to design and select courses that will inspire and appropriately challenge students next school year. Parent notification with course verification is one of many steps in our process facilitated by our tremendous counselors who meet individually with each of their students and guide them in selecting courses that best match their strengths, interests, and facilitate their four year plan at TJHSST.

TJHSST Student Services will be mailing home Course Verification letters to the Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 this week. Letters will be sent home to the Class of 2022 after these remaining students meet with counselors in the coming days and select their courses for next year.  

We ask parents to review these selections carefully with your student.  If you feel a change in your student’s course selection is warranted or there is an error, please contact your student’s counselor via email and the counselor will personally follow up with you and your student. Remember that good first choices and alternates determine 1) which courses will run at TJHSST next year and 2) how our school will be staffed. 

It is important to us that every student be enrolled in desired classes. Again, TJHSST leadership is in the process of making plans for the 2019-2020 school year. Final staffing decisions along with final course decisions must be made by the end of March to meet deadlines set by FCPS. Therefore, requests for course changes will not be honored after the date indicated on your Course Verification letter. Only in the case of a schedule conflict or misplacement by sequence or level will changes be made.  

Thank you for your support and participation in a process that meets the needs of your student and helps us make informed decisions about the overall design of our instructional program. Please feel free to reach out to your student’s counselor with any questions.

College & Career Center Update

As we continue to look for a new College & Career Center Specialist and look ahead to Spring, we want to remind all students and families that information about Scholarships and Summer Enrichment Opportunities can be found in Naviance Student.  Additionally, the counselors and staff of the Student Services department are available to assist with College & Career Center needs.

For more information about available Scholarships and Summer Enrichment Opportunities parents should sit with their students to login to Naviance Student to access the most current information available to FCPS students.



Brandon Kosatka

Director of Student Services, TJHSST