FCPSOn one-to-one laptops coming next school year

Principal's Introduction to FCPSOn

Dear TJHSST Families,

You may have heard about an exciting technology resource being provided to all FCPS high school students. Known as FCPSOn, this initiative provides each student with access to a laptop. 

Already, schools in the Chantilly Pyramid and eLearning Backpack high schools adopted FCPSOn as part of a pilot program in 2016. High schools have been phased in each year and next year is TJ's turn! We thank the Fairfax County School Board and Superintendent Brabrand for incorporating necessary funding that will support our school and the remaining high schools being phased in during 2019-2020.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for TJ students and families. Beyond saving families the expense of purchasing a laptop, this resource will help ensure all students have equitable access to a device. Research has shown students are more engaged in learning and teachers can innovative to a greater degree when there is an even technology playing field that is championed at the District level. 

Consistent, predictable and supported use of updated technology will enhance teaching and learning. Consistent with the FCPS Portrait of a Graduate model, students will continue to develop skills valued in post-secondary education setting and the workplace: communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. .

As educators entrusted with the safety and wellness of your children, we recognize the incredible responsibility that comes with a digital transformation that places a device in the hands of each student. We will continue to teach and model digital citizenship so our students adopt safe, smart, and responsible online practices. It also means empowering students to make healthy, balanced choices regarding their device usage. This opportunity creates a shared responsibility between school and home that thoughtfully supports students.

Rest assured that devices will not replace teachers and their human touch. On the contrary, FCPSOn provides ongoing, dynamic professional learning for teachers that will result in more purposeful and collaborative student learning experiences.

Additionally, the devices being purchased for our use next year will more than adequately meet our unique curriculum and programmatic needs at TJ. The device is a Dell Latitude 3300XCTO.  Because many of our resources and instructional activities are now web-based, we are confident the planned devices will serve our students well.

We invite you to share your thoughts, questions, or concerns about the FCPSon initiative through this survey.

Please stay tuned for more information regarding our school’s adoption of FCPSOn. In the interim, you may visit the FCPSOn webpage for more information.


Ann N. Bonitatibus, Ed.D.


Rationale for Taking School-Issued FCPSOn Device

  1. Cost to Repair and Replace Personal Devices:  If a student loses or damages a personal device the cost to repair or replace must be paid by the family.  The FCPSOn device was chosen to be durable and is designed to be carried back and forth from home and school.  The wear and tear of moving between classes and from home to school will be shouldered by the FCPSOn device, rather than a student’s  personal device. If a student accidentally damages their FCPSOn device, on site tech support specialists will repair the device as well as provide a loaner, which will ensure learning isn’t interrupted by not having a device.
  2. Access to Curricular Software:  FCPSOn curricular software will be preloaded on FCPSOn laptops or available through APPV.  FCPS licensed software can not be provided for student owned devices.
  3. FCPS Laptops Are Needed for Testing:  FCPS standardized assessments such as SOL testing must be done on a school issued device. Students will be able to walk into a testing environment ready to go with the FCPSOn device.  Schools will need to provide FCPS devices for testing to students that do not accept the FCPSOn device.
  4. Wifi and Printer Configuration: The FCPSOn laptop is already connected to the FCPS wifi network as well as a printer in the school.  Students will need to add personally owned devices to the FCPS wifi network and will not have the ability to print.
  5. Separation of School and Personal Information:  Having an FCPSOn device and a personal device provides a Digital Citizenship lesson.  It teaches students to complete school work on their FCPS laptop and to do personal things, such as shop, or play games on their personal device.  This helps prepare students for being in the work force and complying with an employer mandate to separate work life from personal life.
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