TJ Mentorship Program


Important Reminder: All Class of 2020 students that will be applying for the TJ Mentorship program through the Senior Lab Application process will be required to attend one of  four schedule meetings during either A or B Blocks on Wednesday, December 5 or Friday, December 7.  Attendance is mandatory and will be taken for the purpose of matching student names present at the meeting with the application database. At the completion of this meeting all attendees will receive an email from the Mentorship office about information on all deliverables to be completed prior to your scheduled interview.

The agenda for this meeting will be as follows:

  1.  Teacher letters of recommendation
  2.  Transcripts
  3.  Scheduling of interviews
  4.  2020 Mentorship Handbook
  5.  Scheduling format (options)
  6.  Resumes

If you have any critical questions to be answered prior to the meeting please contact Mr. Lampazzi (