Big Sibs

Attention Freshman! Big Sibs, August 23rd

The BigSibs program works to pair a current TJ student (BigSibs) with incoming freshmen (LittleSibs). Your BigSib will be your mentor throughout the year and will help ease the transition from middle school to TJ. This program hopes to provide a network and an outlet for current students to share what they wish they knew when they were younger, and for younger students to have a place to go when they need advice. For more information and FAQ's look at the TJ BigSibs website ( or email the coordinators ( 


The participation in this program from freshmen alone is usually 300-400 people, meaning nearly every freshman signs up to join. To sign up, fill out this form:  by Sunday, August 12 at 11:59 pm. There will be a meeting after the Freshman Orientation on August 23rd, so please plan on attending it. 



Sukriti Dhingra, Eeshma Narula, Riya Dabbi

Sophia Cheng, Claire Williams, Likhitha Addagatla

TJ BigSibs Coordinators

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology



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