Course Request Update & tjSTAR TIckets Class of 2018 & 2021

Course Scheduling/Request Update

Dear Students & Parents,

Thank you for the care you took this past spring to enroll in recommended and desired courses. We validated your selections and are beginning to build next year’s schedules.  In doing so, we would like you to be aware of course title tweaks we make to prompt the programming modules to work.

We will temporarily “reassign” select students who have certain combinations of semester classes into placeholder yearlong course numbers. Rest assured, these reassignments are temporary until the master schedule is built. This is an annual process and we always restore the original courses during the summer before school starts in August.

Listed below is a table of the placeholder reassignments

Learning Seminar 2 (000112) = TJ Math 3 & TJ Math 4

Learning Seminar 3 (000113) = Research Statistics 1 & TJ Math 3

Learning Seminar 4 (000114) = Research Statistics 1 & TJ Math 4

Learning Seminar 5 (000115) = TJ Math 4 & TJ Math 5

Learning Seminar 6 (000116) = Artificial Intelligence 1 & 2

Learning Seminar 7 (000117) = Parallel Computing 1 & 2

Learning Seminar 8 (000118) = 8th Period Activities

Learning Seminar 9 (000119) = Computer Vision 1 & 2

Learning Seminar 10 (000122) = MultiVariable Calculus & Matrix Alg

Learning Seminar 11 (000121) = Mobile & Web Application Development

Again, the placeholders are temporary and the original course titles will be restored. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s counselor and they will be happy to help.

tjSTAR Parent Tickets Freshman Class of 2021 & Senior Class of 2018

Dear Parents,

On Wednesday, May 30th, your TJ freshman or TJ senior will present his/her research project at the 10th Annual Thomas Jefferson Symposium to Advance Research (tjSTAR).  The IBET and Senior Research Lab/Mentorship (SRL) presentations are the culmination of year-long inquiry and exploration into research.  All of the students have worked incredibly hard and we hope you will be able to join us in congratulating them.

You are cordially invited to attend your student’s presentation and help celebrate their achievement.  Unfortunately, due to space constraints at TJHSST, attendance is limited to PARENTS only.  Other guests and siblings are not invited so that we can accommodate all of the parents that wish to attend. 

There will be limited parking on the TJ property to accommodate handicapped tags and professional presenters .  Offsite parking has been secured and a complimentary shuttle service will be provided at set intervals.   Please park at the following location: 6911 Braddock Road, Springfield, VA 22151.  If you come directly to TJ you may be redirected.  Please allow at least an extra 30-60 minutes to park and shuttle back to arrive on time for your student’s presentation.   Additional parking information (map, directions and shuttle bus information) can be found  on the tjSTAR website

Attached to this invitation is a ticket to attend the symposium block during which your student will present their IBET or SRL project.  Please confirm with your student and circle the block of the presentation.   All parents will be required to check in upon entering the building.  Follow signs to “Parent Check In” when you arrive at the school.  Please allow sufficient time to check in and please bring the attached ticket below to present at check-in

Once again, due to space limitations we ask that you stay only for your student’s presentation so that we may accommodate other parents who also wish to see their student’s presentation.

We appreciate your cooperation and hope to see you there! Questions should be directed to the TJ student at your home for the quickest response.  If you still have questions that do not require an immediate response, please contact us at

tjSTAR Parent Ticket

Class of 2018

Class of 2021

May 30, 2018

Admit to block:


         A                      B                          C                        Lunch        

 8:40-9:40         9:55-10:45          11:00-11:50           11:50-12:50

                 D                          E                          

          12:50-1:40             1:55-2:45                  

End-of-Year Medication Pick-up

The school health room is reminding parents and guardians that all medication stored in the health room must be picked up no later than the student dismissal time on the last day of school, June 15th. Medication left in the health room after that time will be discarded. It is FCPS policy that medications must be picked up by the parent or guardian. Medication cannot be sent home with your student. However, with parent or guardian permission, a high school student may transport over-the-counter medications to and from the school health room.  If you have any questions, please contact your school health room aide, Tanya Holloway, at 703-750-8320 or