News for the Class of 2018

Hello, Parents of the Class of 2018.

Congratulations on reaching the calendar year of your son/daughter’s high school graduation!  We are writing to let you know some important information that will require your action between now and graduation.


Senior Dues: Action Needed

Dues for each member of the Class of 2018 will be $90.  This amount has been arrived at after determining the remaining expenses between now and June and accounting for the current class balance.  The primary expenses are as follows:

  • Eagle Bank Arena: rental for graduation ceremony costs $15,000
  • Caps, Tassels, Gowns, Diploma Covers and Gowns: approximately $12 per person
  • Prom: venue, DJ, catering, and other expenses approximately $30,000
  • Class gift: to be announced at graduation--approximately $7,000

Senior dues will be accepted via MySchoolBucks.  The deadline for Senior dues submission is March 31 (the end of Spring Break).  Thank you for submitting dues on time, which will allow us to make the appropriate vendor payments to secure the items listed above.


Senior Obligations: Action Needed

Any Senior who failed to return a textbook, lost a library book, not paid the activity fee for a sport or field trip, or any other school fee, is on the Senior Obligations List.  Seniors still on the Senior Obligations List in June will not be issued a cap and gown and will not be allowed to attend graduation!

Avoid long lines at the Finance Office the day before graduation.  You can help your son/daughter now by encouraging them to clear their obligations ASAP.  Effective immediately, any student may check the obligation status by visiting the Finance Office during lunch.


Senior Survey: Action Needed

A survey was distributed via the TJ intranet a couple months ago asking students for their height for purposes of gown sizing, as well as the specific name they want listed on the graduation program and the proper pronunciation.  This survey has been completed by only about half the Seniors.  Please encourage your son/daughter to complete it, it takes only a minute.  The link to the survey is:    


That is it for the actionable items, below is some information about upcoming events for the Senior class…


Senior Events for Your Calendar

Prom: June 1

This year’s prom will take place the evening of Friday, June 1, at Arena Stage at Mead Center in Washington DC.  Our class officers and prom committee have a great event planned!  When we get closer to the event, we will put out a call for parent chaperones.


Graduation: June 9

The graduation ceremony for the Class of 2018 will be the evening of Saturday, June 9, at the Eagle Bank Arena on the campus of George Mason University.


Graduation Rehearsal & J-Day

While the last day of school for FCPS is Friday, June 15, the last day of classroom instruction for Seniors will be Tuesday, June 5. 

Graduation Rehearsal is Friday, June 8.  Seniors are expected to attend graduation rehearsal so that they know where to line up and how to process into the arena during the ceremony (it is surprisingly complicated).  Following graduation rehearsal, Seniors will be issued caps and gowns.  If any Senior cannot attend rehearsal, they should make arrangements in the Student Services Office to pick up their cap/gown at another time.

That afternoon, TJ will host J-Day, our annual outdoor beginning-of-summer celebration.  Seniors are more than welcome to attend J-Day even though their last day of classroom instruction was three days before.  Many of them will have been assisting their extracurricular clubs in planning activities for that day and are encouraged to help make sure their club’s tent has a successful day.

Thank you for all you have done in helping the Class of 2018 over these last four years.  We look forward to watching your sons and daughters graduate soon!



Mike Auerbach and Chuck Dela Cuesta

Faculty Sponsors, Class of 2018


Shawn J. Frank

Class of 2018 Administrator