American Math Competition (AMC) Rescheduled

AMC Test Contingency Plan

Due to today’s weather-related closure for all FCPS schools, TJHSST was unable to offer the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) test, version A, as originally planned.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  

Please be aware AMC offers a second opportunity, version B, and we will administer it next Thursday, February 15, during regular school hours and will modify the bell schedule accordingly.  Versions A and B are the same level of difficulty- they are not sequential or dependent.

For today, we did secure an alternate location that has enough space to accommodate about 90 students for version A.  Thanks to Varsity Math Team officers for their help coordinating this very limited testing opportunity today, as well as the parents who have volunteered to help.  Individual verification has been sent to those will take version A today.

Any one not testing today will be able to take version B next week.  Also, those who take version A today may still opt to take version B next week.  The qualifying score from either version gives students a chance to be invited to take the American Invitational Math Examination (AIME) in March. 

Again, we will offer the AMC version B next Thursday to any student who would like to take it. 

As soon as possible, testing rooms will be made available in Ion for students to sign up to take version B of either AMC 10 or AMC 12 next Thursday, Feb. 15.  We will run a modified schedule that day to allow for testing in the morning followed by shortened classes for 1st – 4th periods.  Regardless of previous registrations, students will need to go on Ion and choose a testing room.  If students do not wish to take version B of AMC 10 or AMC 12, they must choose a Study Hall through Ion instead.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding as administrators, teachers, students and parents have collaborated to create contingency plans.  We will take lessons learned this year and improve processes for future AMC test administrations.

Please send any questions or concerns to Ms. Marianne Razzino, Division Manager for Mathematics and Computer Science, at