Repairs at Long Bridge Aquatics & Fitness Center to Begin January 29

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Long Bridge Aquatics and Fitness Center

January 22, 2024

Repairs at Long Bridge Aquatics & Fitness Center to Begin January 29

Starting January 29, the Long Bridge Aquatics & Fitness Center (LBAFC) will operate on an adjusted schedule to address necessary repairs in the 50-meter and leisure pool areas. All repairs, including replacement of the building’s sprinkler hose, as well as ceiling tiles that have been impacted by a leak in the sprinkler system are estimated to be complete by summer, 2024. The Department of Parks and Recreation has developed a plan to efficiently address these repairs while minimizing impacts to scheduled programming and day-to-day user experiences.


Reason for Repairs

In summer 2023, Coakley Williams Construction, the contracting company responsible for building LBAFC, and their sub-contractors identified that the building’s sprinkler hose is corroded and causing leaks in the pipe system. This has resulted in a need to replace the pipes and affected ceiling tiles that are experiencing water damage. The County is working with Coakley Williams Construction as they handle all maintenance work and cost of repairs.

Repair Schedule

The repair schedule will begin with the 50-meter pool area on January 29. For the duration of the 50-meter pool repairs, it will be closed to the public by 8 p.m.— two hours early on weekdays, and the current closing time on weekends. Crews will work at night from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. to allow for a maximum number of operating hours. Through the duration of each phase, the work area will be sectioned off to allow programming to take place in other parts of the pool. During the daytime, scaffolding equipment will remain in the areas being addressed to allow for quick transition to maintenance work once the pool is closed. The leisure pool will operate as normal until repairs begin in early April. Details of this schedule will be shared at a later date. All repairs to both pools are estimated to be complete by summer, 2024. 


As repair work begins at 8 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, the fitness rooms will also continue to operate on a normal schedule.


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Adjusted Programming and Operating Hours

Most Winter ENJOY and 55+ classes will continue this season. To accommodate as many programs as possible, some classes have been shifted to either a different time or pool area. Class cancellations have been limited and are only being instituted for those that cannot be moved. Participants who have signed up for Winter ENJOY and 55+ programs at LBAFC will receive direct emails that detail adjustments to their program and refund options if they choose to use them. Program adjustments for these classes will not begin until the first day of repair work on January 29.


All LBAFC membership and passholders, as well as daily passholders, may use open sections of the pool during the adjusted operating hours. To see when lanes are open for drop-in use, please refer to the pool hours and lane schedules page. The schedule is updated with the week’s programming schedule every Sunday.


We look forward to a speedy and efficient repair process and want to make sure you stay in the know! To get the latest information, sign up for updates at the bottom of the Long Bridge Aquatics & Fitness Center webpage.