County Manager Proposes $3.9 Billion, 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan

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County Manager Proposes $3.9 Billion, 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan

Arlington County Manager Mark Schwartz presented his proposed FY 2023–2032 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to the Arlington County Board at its Recessed Meeting on Tuesday, May 17. The proposal outlines $3.9 billion in investments for stormwater management and flood response, climate and environmental programs, parks, transportation, community infrastructure and more over the next 10 years.

The FY 2023–2032 CIP returns to a traditional 10-year plan after a three-year CIP in FY 2022–2024 and a one-year CIP in FY 2021—both adjusted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like the FY 2023 Operating Budget adopted last month, the current CIP considers lessons learned from the pandemic and responds to emerging service and infrastructure demands across the County.

“This CIP proposal aims to address current and future capital needs in Arlington County as we emerge from the financial setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Schwartz. “We want to focus on key planned investments in addition to following through on commitments from prior plans to benefit County residents and businesses long-term.”

More than 2,400 Arlington residents provided input on their top priority areas for major infrastructure investments from the CIP between February and March 2022, which helped inform key projects to include in the proposal.

This Proposed CIP has several primary themes:

  • Meeting the County’s regulatory and regional obligations, such as Metro.
  • Addressing the environment and resiliency through stormwater management and flood mitigation, as well as reducing the County’s carbon footprint.
  • Responding to emerging service demands to include new park programs, a new fire station on the west end of Columbia Pike and facilities consolidation and improvements to enable enhanced remote work by County staff and virtual participation by residents.  
  • Following through on commitments from prior plans including Columbia Pike transportation investments, debt service obligations for the generational investment in housing at Barcroft, a Columbia Pike library, and Fire Station 8.
  • Maintaining a state of good repair for building infrastructure, parks, fields, paving and sidewalks, technology and public safety infrastructure.
  • Planning for future investments such as the North Quincy site, Lee Center, Virginia Highlands, Aurora Highlands and planning for future fire station locations. 
  • Key transportation projects such as bridge replacements and renovations, Vision Zero street safety improvements, construction of new entrances to Metrorail stations in Arlington and investments in the Transitway Extension to Pentagon City.
  • Return of previous funding levels for the Arlington Neighborhood Program.

Proposed 2022 Bond Referenda

In his proposal, the County Manager is seeking $342.5 million in new bonds to pay for many of the improvements planned in the CIP. The bond request will be put to Arlington County voters in a referendum in the upcoming November elections, pending review and approval by the County Board. The following items are proposed to be included in the referenda:

Community Infrastructure $52.3 million

  • To continue investing in enhancements to Arlington neighborhoods.

Metro & Transportation – $52.6 million

  • To fund multiple public transit and alternate transportation projects such as Vision Zero street safety improvements.

Parks & Recreation – $20.4 million

  • To address emerging uses and natural resiliency, invest in planned parks and public spaces as well as conduct improvements, replacements, and upgrades.

Utilities – $177.4 million

  • To reinvest in water, sewer and wastewater infrastructure

Stormwater & Flood Response – $39.8 million

  • To increase capacity for stormwater management and flood mitigation infrastructure.

Arlington Public Schools is also seeking voters’ input on its proposed $165.2 million in new bonds to support school maintenance as well as ongoing and new projects over the next decade. Read more in the Superintendent’s proposed $388.2 million CIP.

Public Process & Key Dates

Prior to the CIP work sessions, a new FY 2023- 2032 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Interactive Project Map will be available on the County’s CIP page to track projects across the County.

The public will have several ways to learn more and provide input on the County Manager’s proposed FY 2023– FY 2032 CIP prior to Board adoption in July. Specific agendas and topics are still being worked out and are subject to change.

  • May 17: Manager presents proposed CIP to County Board. 
  • County Board work sessions with County Manager and staff on June 7, June 14 and June 28. For more details, visit the County website.
  • June 28: Public hearing with the County Board
  • July 14: Final mark-up by the County Board
  • July 16/19: Board adoption of final CIP
  • November: Voter consideration of referenda

See the full calendar of key dates with links to more information on the County website. 

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