Help decide! Which housing types should be further studied for Arlington?

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Missing Middle

First, a quick recap of where we are...

The Missing Middle Housing Study kicked off in October 2020. As a precursor, a Research Compendium of background information was released in the months leading up to the study’s start.

During the first half of Phase I (October 2020 - March 2021), hundreds of stakeholders participated in the study through an online kick-off event, Research Compendium dialogues and an online feedback opportunity, a series of neighborhood-based community meetings, and a community meeting with members of our Spanish-speaking community.

The goal was to generate multiple avenues for broad ideas and concerns to help build a shared understanding of the problem and inform next steps. We’re at the very beginning of a multi-year process, therefore these conversations were not about specific policy proposals or decisions just yet.

Highlights of what we heard so far

We heard priorities for enabling more housing choice and supply, such as:

  • Reduce housing costs
  • Add more housing supply
  • Add housing options that reflect the needs of the whole community
  • Conserve tree canopy and create/maintain connections to nature
  • Achieve sustainable land use and construction
  • Ensure schools and infrastructure keep pace with growth
  • Champion what people value about their neighborhood such as diversity, connections with neighbors, and walkability

We also heard concerns about enabling housing choice and supply, such as:

  • Impacts of growth on quality of life
  • Loss of existing housing stock
  • Impacts on property values/taxes
  • Compatibility of other housing options with existing neighborhoods
  • Flooding and tree loss
  • Displacement and descreasing diversity

To dive into the feedback in more detail:

Help decide which housing types should be studied

The next step is to narrow the focus of study. Based on the priorities and concerns we heard, this engagement will explore housing typologies and help determine which types to study further. Help decide which housing types to study by Tuesday, June 8.

Share Your Input Here

To participate in Spanish, please connect with native speakers on our housing team who will provide a comprehensive overview of the materials and capture your feedback; call 703.228.3765 or email us. For all other language requests, please contact us at for assistance.

Para participar en español, puede comunicarse con personas que hablan el idioma en nuestro equipo de vivienda quienes le proporcionaran información detallada de los materiales y recibirán sus comentarios; puede llamar al 703.228.3765 o por correo electrónico

Looking further ahead

This is a multi-year study. Additional opportunities for engagement will continue to inform decisions. Here's a look at where we're at in the larger process timeline:

MMHS Timeline