Notice to Industry about New LDA/SWM Permit Requirements

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Stormwater Management Ordinance Updates 


Dear Stormwater professionals,


Arlington County has released a Notice to Industry about new LDA/SWM requirements related to stormwater quantity for single-family home development (SFD) projects. These new requirements will improve mitigation of off-lot stormwater impacts, especially protection of downhill properties, while ensuring continued regulatory water quality credit under the County’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit.


This LDA/SWM Program upgrade, referred to as LDA 2.0, will manage more runoff on-site by adding detention tanks as well as requiring soil amendments to maximize absorption of rainfall and runoff, while minimizing the increase in compliance effort and maintaining construction and operational feasibility.


Learn more about the program upgrade, upcoming informational meetings and trainings, and the schedule in the Notice to Industry.


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Thank you, 


Stormwater Management Staff