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Crystal City-Pentagon City-Potomac Yard

March 25, 2016

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Road Closure Notice - The upcoming Crystal City 5k Fridays race series will result in road closures every Friday in April from approximately 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm. Read this road closure notice for additional information.


Transit Lanes FAQs: Identifying a Bus Lane

This week's question about the new bus-only lanes in Crystal City and Potomac Yard, opening this spring: How do I identify a bus lane – what markings does it have?


  • The rush hour bus lane in Crystal City is marked with diamond-shaped symbols on the pavement, as well as signs along the street and on overhead supports.
  • The exclusive bus-only roadway in Potomac Yard is marked with diamond-shaped symbols on the pavement, the words “Bus Only” on the pavement, and “Do Not Enter” signs at all intersections.


Review the full list of questions and answersIf you have a question about or suggestion for our FAQs, send it to


Download the transit lanes flyer (includes English and Spanish versions) and help us spread the word by posting it in your building and sharing it with your neighbors.


Construction Updates

ART Bus Facility

The remaining roadway improvements along South Eads Street, including utility, sidewalk, curb and gutter replacement, will begin Monday, March 28. This will require temporarily removing part of the bike lane along South Eads in both the north and south directions. The sidewalk along the east side of South Eads Street from Glebe Road to Fort Scott Drive also will be closed for approximately four to six weeks until the new sidewalks are in place.


Onsite, crews continue working on the concrete slab, which will allow the rest of the building construction to begin. View construction photos on Flickr. Visit project page


Crystal City Multimodal Center

This week our contractor completed the construction of the concrete pavement sections for both sides of 18th Street under the Route 1 overpass. Crews continued reconstructing the sidewalk areas, installing pavers and constructing the curb and gutter on both sides of the street, and began excavation for the street light foundations.


During the next two weeks the contractor plans to install pavers on the westbound side of 18th Street in order to start the demolition of the existing sidewalk. Once the pavers are completed, pedestrians will use the newly installed paver section of the sidewalk area as the travel way on westbound 18th Street. Visit project page


Crystal City Potomac Yard Transitway

Construction activities for Saturday, March 26 through Friday, April 1 are described in this week's construction update. Note that during the week there may be testing and adjustments of the lights on the Transitway stations.


Temporary lane closures will be installed as necessary to protect the traveling public and work crews. For construction-related issues, call 703-638-0165. Visit project page


Detours/Lane Closures 

The following lane closures are due to project construction:


18th Street South

  • Outside lanes on each side of the street are closed between South Eads and Bell Streets. No on-street parking or charter bus parking available in this area.
  • South sidewalk (adjacent to eastbound traffic) is closed. Pedestrians should use the north sidewalk closest to the Metro station escalator.
  • Bike lane closed under Route 1 bridge. Cyclists should use caution when riding on 18th Street.