How to Help Others Cope with PTSD Symptoms

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Welcome to the National Center for PTSD: News relevant to the issues of trauma and PTSD

Support Veterans: Resources for Coping with PTSD

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There are many things that can trigger PSTD symptoms for Veterans. Holidays or events can be particularly difficult for certain individuals. Here are some resources to support Veterans in your life any time they may need it.

  • Find a Provider: Therapists, counselors, and other mental health providers can help with recovery.
  • Self-Help and Coping: Learn about stress reactions, find ways to cope, and get tools to manage stress.
  • Visit AboutFace: Learn about the real world of PTSD from Veterans that have lived it. Connect with Veterans, their families, and VA clinicians to get the facts about PTSD and normalize getting support for those who need it.

How You Can Help

Get Help in a Crisis