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Welcome to the National Center for PTSD: News relevant to the issues of trauma and PTSD

Connect with the Latest PTSD Resources


The National Center for PTSD offers valuable resources, including mobile apps that you can use alongside your PTSD treatment.

These apps include self-help resources, treatment companions to use with a healthcare provider, and related health apps that address issues from insomnia to quitting tobacco. A few of our most popular apps include:

PTSD coach app

PTSD Coach: Learn about and manage symptoms that often occur after trauma.

mindfulness coach app

Mindfulness Coach: Practice mindfulness, a form of meditation that reduces stress and helps you cope with unpleasant thoughts and emotions by grounding you in the present.

vetchange app

VetChange: Build skills to reduce problem drinking, a common negative coping mechanism used to deal with stress, trouble sleeping, PTSD, and other challenges.

Beyond MST app

Beyond MST: Connect with information and resources for survivors of military sexual trauma—a challenge that can impact service members of any gender or  and background.

Anger management app

AIMS for Anger Management: Get help managing anger and irritability with a personalized anger control plan, tools for tracking symptoms, and more.


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Our apps are not a substitute for working with a healthcare provider. You should connect with a provider and talk to them about apps that interest you as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

If you’re in crisis or concerned about someone who is, there are caring, qualified responders standing by to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Veterans Crisis Line is a free, anonymous, confidential resource that’s available to anyone, even if you’re not registered with VA or enrolled in VA health care.

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