Beyond MST Mobile App - PTSD Monthly Update, March, 2021

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PTSD Monthly Update - News Relevant to the Issues of Trauma and PTSD

March 2021


Beyond MST Mobile App

Introducing the Beyond MST Mobile App

The Beyond MST app was created for survivors of military sexual trauma (MST). MST is VA's term for sexual assault or sexual harassment that occurred during military service. Veterans of all genders and backgrounds have experienced MST.

This free app offers information and resources to help survivors cope with challenges related to MST and improve their health, relationships and quality of life.

With Beyond MST you can:

  • Learn about common challenges related to MST and skills and resources that can help
  • Use over 30 tools to help you cope with problems, reduce distress and improve your quality of life
  • Take brief assessments to understand your symptoms and beliefs (how you think about the world)
  • Track your progress toward recovery goals
  • Find new sources of support and read inspiring messages from other sexual trauma survivors

How to Use Beyond MST

Beyond MST can be used by people who are in treatment as well as those who are not. Beyond MST is not intended to replace treatment with a provider. Download it today to get help understanding and managing the challenges you’re facing, and start living a happier, healthier life.

Watch the Video 

Find out more about how to use the Beyond MST app in this short video introduction.

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Download the App

Visit the Beyond MST page for links to iTunes (iOS) and Google Play (Android) to download the app and other information on how to use the app.

VISIT Beyond MST page & Download App 

For Providers


PTSD Consultation Program

Treating Veterans with PTSD? We can help.

Any healthcare provider treating Veterans can ask our expert clinicians a question.  Meet our consultants and get started.

PTSD Monthly Lecture Series

April 21, 2021 at 2pm ET -The Elephant in the Room: Treating PTSD When Clinicians Have Negative Reactions to Patients' Sociocultural Views by Abigail Angkaw, PhD and Brittany Hall-Clark, PhD.

  • Mark your calendar for the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2pm ET
  • Subscribe to monthly emails to find out how to join live lectures.
  • Registration is required to receive free continuing education credit for attending the live lecture.

Resources of the Month

This free continuing education course provides an overview of how to utilize a collaboratively developed case formulation to inform and guide PTSD treatment as an initial step to the provision of culturally responsive care. 

Research at the Center

Improving Reproductive Health for Women with PTSD

PTSD affects many areas of a woman’s life, including relationships, work, sleep and even reproductive health. Dr. Yael Nillni, a researcher with VA’s National Center for PTSD, devotes her career to improving the lives of other women. Her work centers around understanding how trauma and PTSD affect both civilian and Veteran women.

Read about Dr. Yael Nillni's research and how it impacts women on VA’s VantagePoint Blog

PTSD in the News

For Veterans with PTSD, pandemic 'feels a lot like wartime'

Dr. Anica Pless Kaiser from the Center’s Behavioral Health Science Division talks with NBC about the effects of the pandemic on Veterans.

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