Introducing Couples Coach - PTSD Monthly Update, September, 2020

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PTSD Monthly Update - News Relevant to the Issues of Trauma and PTSD

September 2020


Couples Coach App

Introducing Couples Coach

The Couples Coach mobile app was created for partners who want to improve their relationship and explore new ways to connect. It also includes relationship information specific to couples living with PTSD.

With Couples Coach you can:

  • Send notes and questions to your partner
  • Work through relationship-building missions
  • Use tools to help you address relationship challenges
  • Track progress toward becoming a stronger, healthier couple

How to Use Couples Coach

Couples Coach works best when partners use the app together, although you can use it alone. You choose missions—small commitments to improve your relationship—to work through yourself or with your partner. There are five levels of couples training with dozens of missions to choose from. Available skills to practice include:

  • Observing feelings and behaviors
  • Increasing positive interactions
  • Increasing positive communication
  • Working through conflict
  • Connecting to your community

Watch the Video 

Find out more about how to use the Couples Coach app in this short video introduction.

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Download the App

Visit the Couples Coach page for links to iTunes (iOS) and Google Play (Android) to download the app and a PDF summary on how to use the app.

VISIT  Couples Coach 

For Providers


PTSD Consultation Program

Treating Veterans with PTSD? We can help.

Any healthcare provider treating Veterans can ask our expert clinicians a question.  Meet our consultants and get started.

PTSD Monthly Lecture Series

October 21, 2020 at 2pm ET - Culturally Responsive PTSD Care 101: The Role of Case Formulation by Gayle Iwamasa, PhD.

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Resources of the Month

Research indicates that some Veterans desire family involvement in their treatment for PTSD, due to its impact on the quality of the Veteran's family relationships and social life. Learn more with our free continuing education course:

Research at the Center

Cognitive Behavioral Conjoint Therapy for PTSD

Investigators are examining Cognitive Behavioral Conjoint Therapy for PTSD augmented with intranasal oxytocin for improving relationship satisfaction, other aspects of social functioning, and quality of life among Veterans with PTSD. This placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial includes one-on-one and team mentoring, coursework, intensive workshops, and experiential learning.

PTSD in the News

Help Your Patients Build Healthy Relationships Through Engaging Activities with Couples Coach features an article about the new Couples Coach mobile app. Read More*

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