PTSD and Suicide Prevention - PTSD Monthly Update, August, 2020

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PTSD Monthly Update - News Relevant to the Issues of Trauma and PTSD

August 2020


September is Suicide Prevention Month

PTSD and Suicide Prevention

September is Suicide Prevention Month

Going through trauma may increase a person’s risk for suicide. Studies show that suicide risk may be higher in people who have PTSD.  This update focuses on what we know about the relationships between suicide, trauma and PTSD, and on ways to help prevent suicide.

About PTSD and Suicide

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PTSD Monthly Lecture Series

September 16, 2020 at 2pm ET: Racism-related Stress and Trauma: Definitions and Interventions by Juliette McClendon, PhD.

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Resources of the Month

Mental health problems and a history of trauma or abuse can increase the risk for suicide. Learn more about risk factors and how to help prevent suicide and save someone’s life with our free continuing education courses:

Research at the Center

Improving Risk Assessment of Suicide

Investigators are developing measures of basic cognitive processes underlying mental states associated with suicide, like cognitive inflexibility and hopelessness.  Adding these measures to standard questions about suicidal ideation may help improve risk assessment.

PTSD in the News

Taking your Mental Health Temperature During COVID-19

Dr. John Krystal, Director of the Center’s Clinical Neuroscience Division, talks with MedicalXpress about mental health and the new COVID coach mobile app. Read More*

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