My HealtheVet Update | May 20, 2020

What to Do If You’re Sick with COVID-19

A Veteran using VA Video Connect

Follow CDC guidelines 

Being diagnosed with COVID-19 is scary, especially when it hits closer to home. With a few tips, you can manage your symptoms and get better without going to the doctor. Learn more

A Veteran putting on his mask

Masks are required at VA facilities

All VA facilities require the use of face coverings or masks for all patients, families, staff, and volunteers. During the coronavirus pandemic, we’re all trying to do our part and help stop the spread of COVID-19. Learn more

A Veteran eating a salad in her back yard

Four Ways to Support Your Immunity

It’s more important than ever before to keep yourself healthy. With just a few changes, you can support your immune system and improve your well-being from home. Learn more.

A Veteran and his partner using VA Video Connect

Have a Successful Video Visit

Virtual visits are the safest way to connect with your doctor. With a little preparation, you can have a productive and insightful appointment. Learn more.

A Veteran being taken care of by partner

Managing Diabetes When You’re Sick

Most people spend a sick day relaxing and eating to help them feel better. But if you’re a diabetic, it’s a little more difficult. Make sure your sick day plan is ready. Learn more.

Prepare for medical emergencies

Medical Records and Emergencies

With hurricane season right around the corner, and the COVID-19 outbreak, make sure you’re prepared to stay safe and healthy. Learn more.

A Veteran about to check their VA lab test results

Three Ways to Check Your VA Lab Test

Reading lab test results can be difficult. With My HealtheVet, you can view and understand your lab test results so you can make the best decisions for your health. Learn more.

A Veteran with mask and her dog walking around the neighborhood

Exercise to Build Healthy Lungs

Lung health may be on your mind right now. Make sure you’re keeping your lungs strong with a few simple exercises. Learn more.  

Hepatitis blood test

Hepatitis Awareness Month

As a Veteran, you’re more likely to get Hepatitis C. To protect yourself, talk to your doctor about being tested. Without treatment, Hepatitis can affect you in more ways than one. Learn more.

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