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Community Care Network (CCN) Region 4 Government Accountability Office protest resolved

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VA is pleased to announce that on Sept. 26, 2019, it received notice of a Government Accountability Office (GAO) protest resolution for the contract awarded to TriWest Healthcare Alliance (TriWest) for Region 4 of VA’s Community Care Network (CCN). As a result, VA will move forward with implementing CCN Region 4 in partnership with TriWest.

TriWest will administer Region 4 of VA’s new Community Care Network (CCN) to establish a robust network of community care providers. To be part of CCN, community providers are encouraged to join TriWest’s provider network and be part of their extensive foundation of network of providers to deliver care to our nations’ Veteran population. Community providers who wish to join CCN Region 4 should contact TriWest at

During the transition to CCN, VA community providers who currently have a partnership with TriWest in its current role as the VA’s Patient-Centered Community Care (PC3) network third party administrator should continue to partner with TriWest as it expands its provider networks. Deployment to the new contract will happen facility by facility; TriWest and VA will alert you to the timeframe of that change starting in mid-2020. TriWest serves as a critical bridge between now and when CCN is deployed nationwide to ensure Veterans continue to receive the care they need. If you have any questions, please contact us at:


NEW MISSION Act curriculum training site now available!


VA recently established a new  VHA TRAIN MISSION Act Curriculum training site (VHA TRAIN MA). This site hosts accredited online courses to meet the mandatory MISSION Act training required for community providers who wish to partner with VA and provide health care for Veterans

The VHA TRAIN MISSION Act Curriculum training site also hosts non-mandatory online, no-cost, continuing medical education curriculum for community providers.  Community providers are a vital part of VA's high-performing health care network to make sure Veterans who have served our country, as well as their families, get the timely, high-quality health care they need.  To learn more about available accredited training, visit VHA TRAIN MA at

You can learn more about the VA MISSION Act here. For other assistance, or help with  VHA TRAIN – MISSION Act Curriculum Account Creation, please contact the MISSION Act help desk at

VA Exchange is live on the Hub

VHIE hub

VA Exchange enables bi-directional sharing of Veteran Health Information between VA providers and community providers on the eHealth Exchange Hub.  The VA maintains 200+ point to point connections to health systems and HIE’s that enable VA providers to exchange Veteran health information with thousands of community providers across the country.   Each time the VA partners with a new health system or HIE to exchange health data, a new connection needs to be established and maintained. 

To lighten the workload of organizations that must maintain separate connections with each partner, eHealth Exchange has implemented a centralized platform solution known as the “Hub.” Rather than maintaining hundreds of connections, organizations can now create one single connection to the eHealth Exchange Hub that will enable sharing between VA and any participating provider.

This simpler, more scalable solution was adopted by the VA this past July and is our preferred method for query-based exchange.   For more information about exchanging Veteran health information over the Hub, please contact

HealthShare Referral Manager training

HSRM Trng Nov

HealthShare Referral Manager (HSRM) is a secure, web-based system VA uses to generate and transfer referrals and authorizations to community providers. HSRM allows community providers and VA to better manage community care referrals and authorizations using a standardized process based on clinical and business rules.

For an in depth, interactive look at HSRM, please attend an upcoming training.  VA hosts a full training for community providers every Tuesday from 1 – 3 PM EST, on HSRM’s benefits and functionality. We encourage you to attend to learn about how you can:

  • Upload files of any size and type
  • Record appointments, automatically notifying VA
  • Generate tasks for VA staff to review documents
  • View the Standardized Episode of Care (SEOC) details to know what is covered before initial care

Register for one of the weekly introductory trainings by logging into VHA TRAIN. Please note that a VHA TRAIN account is needed to register. Please follow the link to register.

Upcoming provider training

provider webinar

November 21, 2019VHA Office of Community Care OverviewThis webinar provides an overview of community care programs and policies, focuses on how to file clean claims, and goes into other topics such as eligibility, referral, top rejection reasons and other provider issues.  Register for the webinar.

November 21, 2019:   Providing Health Care for Military Veterans  - This live, virtual, knowledge-based webinar will familiarize the attendee with the unique health care needs of military Veterans and will enhance their capacity to provide optimal care for Veterans they are seeing in any health care setting. The areas of focus will include military culture, military service and deployment related health risks and health impacts, and the importance of taking a brief military service and deployment history on any Veteran presenting for care in any setting as well as clinical pearls for healthcare teams in the care of Veterans.

Registration available at

Go to the VA's community care Provider Education & Training  Resources web page for a full listing of upcoming webinars and links to recordings of past webinars. 

Questions or comments about this newsletter may be sent to 

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