APT Center Researchers Participate in VA Research Day on the Hill

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Sensory prosthetic projects presented at the 2nd annual VA Research Day on the Hill

Dr. Dustin Tyler  and Dr. Hamid Charkhkar were among nearly 25 leading VA researchers, some accompanied by Veteran study participants, who showed off their latest scientific, medical, and technological advances on June 20 at the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, D.C., as part of the 2nd annual VA Research Day on the Hill.

Dr. Tyler (pictured with his research subject, left side of the photo below) shared information on a project aimed at improving hand function and a sense of touch in Veterans with upper-limb prostheses, while Dr. Charkhkar (pictured with his research subject, right side of the photo below) shared progress on a project, led by Dr. Ronald Triolo, aimed at restoring foot and ankle joint sensation in Veterans with lower-limb prostheses.

The teams have developed an implanted system of nerve electrodes to restore touch and sense of movement, along with intramuscular electrodes to provide intuitive, long-term, stable control of their prostheses. Four people have been implant in each of Dr. Tyler's and Dr. Triolo's projects with more than seven years in the longest person, and all are still using the systems.

Dr. Dustin Tyler and Dr. Hamid Charkhkar pose with their research subjects.

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