Three Easy Steps for You to Share PTSD Awareness, PTSD Monthly Update - May 2019

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Three Easy Steps for You to Share PTSD Awareness

June is PTSD Awareness Month. Woman and man standing close together

The National Center for PTSD invites you to Raise PTSD Awareness. during the month of June to help those with PTSD.

the number 1

Start by taking our Pledge

Pledge to raise PTSD awareness (PDF) with us so that everyone who needs help gets the help they need. Join our expanding group of difference makers who are working to spread the word about PTSD and effective PTSD treatment.

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Take one small action every day during the month of June

Use our PTSD Awareness Calendar (PDF): 30 easy ways for you to learn and share information about PTSD and effective PTSD treatment, one for each day.

the number 3

Reach out to Friends, Family, and others in your Community

Our PTSD Awareness website has ideas and materials you can use to reach out to others, including:

  • Social media profile pictures, banners, graphics and posts
  • A blog post you can use on your website or newsletter (or at your work or school)
  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation
  • Plus: posters, banners, badges and flyers.

You can make a difference in the lives of Veterans and others who have experienced trauma. Everyone can help.

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For Providers

PTSD in Health Care Settings

This 15-minute video for medical center staff shows how patients' PTSD symptoms may come into play in health care settings. Presenting the experiences of three Veterans in a busy VA hospital, the video can help employees - especially non-clinical staff - better understand and respond to behavior that may be related to PTSD.

A facilitator's guide is included that provides suggestions for how managers and trainers can use PTSD Awareness in Healthcare Settings as part of employee training sessions. While the video takes place in a VA clinic, it is applicable to all healthcare settings.

PTSD Consultation Program

Consult with PTSD Experts

PTSD Consultation Program offers free PTSD consultation to any provider who treats Veterans in any setting.

This program is open to Community Providers.

PTSD Lecture Series

  • May 15, 2019: Moral Injury, Sonya Norman, PhD

Register for Free CEUs

  • VA Providers: Register in TMS
  • Non-VA Providers: Register in TRAIN

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Are you staying up-to-date with the latest research developments in PTSD? Learn about best practices in PTSD assessment and treatment at the National Center for PTSD website. We provide many tools you can use to better help your patients with PTSD. The National Center also offers free PTSD Continuing Education opportunities for health care professionals.

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PTSD in the News

'Exposure Therapy' May Work Best for PTSD Plus Drinking Problems. Dr. Sonya Norman, Director of the PTSD Consultation Program, was interviewed by U.S. News and World Report about her recent study showing that prolonged exposure therapy is more effective at treating PTSD than Seeking Safety, a coping-skills therapy, for patients who also have alcohol use disorder. Read more.*

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