NIH R01 Funding Awarded to Dr. Jeffrey Capadona

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Reducing neuroinflammation by coating microelectrodes with antioxidants

Dr. Jeffrey Capadona

Congratulations to Jeffrey Capadona, PhD who has received a National Institutes of Health R01 Award titled Characterizing and Mitigating the Role of Oxidative Damage Ii Microelectrode Failure. In collaboration with Co-Principal Investigator Joseph Pancrazio, PhD at the University of Texas, Dallas and starting this month, this 5-year, $3.1M project will investigate the effect that antioxidant-coated microelectrodes have on the stability of stimulation and neural recordings. 

This work will also examine how varying the dimensions of intracortical microelectrodes impacts both reactive oxygen species production and the resulting tissue response. Such probes will enable hypothesis testing that oxidative stress and neuroinflammation are proportional to the device dimension and resulting rigidity, which could be subdued by coating the implant with antioxidants.