Technology Update: 3D Printed Artificial Lungs

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New Funding and National Attention for Microfluidic Artificial Lung Research

Dr. Joseph Potkay holding an artificial lung
  • Secretary of the VA Robert Wilkie shared stories of the VA that inspired him, including APT Investigator Dr. Joseph Potkay's microfluidic artificial lung, during his statement before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. Click here to read his statement. 
  • Read Breathing easier in VA Research Currents to learn more about how Dr. Potkay's research is striving to make 3D-printed artificial lungs to help Veterans with respiratory disease.
  • Recently awarded a 4-year, $2.7M R01 grant from the NIH National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute titled Human-Scale Microfluidic Artificial Lung that started in February. The long-term goal of this project is to improve rehabilitation from lung disease through the development of the first truly portable, biocompatible, artificial lung capable of short and long term respiratory support.
  • Watch an interview with Dr. Potkay on WTOL Channel 11 in Toledo where he discusses his cutting-edge, printed lung technology and the process to creating them.