VA Benefits Bulletin - November 2018

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VA Benefits Bulletin

November 2018

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It's Veterans and Military Families Month!

This month is all about you. Throughout November, you’ll find events across the country that honor Veterans and their families, as well as offer support services and resources. Check out our calendar to see how and where we’re celebrating your service and the family members who support you.

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Take Advantage of Tax Free Online Shopping at Military Exchanges

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In addition to no sales tax, online shopping benefits include military exclusive pricing, members only credit options, and free shipping on some orders. The verification process is simple and can be completed online. Profits go to military quality of life programs.

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Match Your Circumstances to Your Benefits

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Your experience is unique to you — and so are the benefits you’re eligible for! The Circumstance Matrix can help determine the benefits that match your situation. Choose your circumstance in the left-hand column, and then look to the right to find your benefits.

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Benefits of the Native American Direct Loan Program

VA Home Loans

VA provides direct home loans to eligible Native American Veterans to finance the purchase, construction or improvements of homes on Federal Trust Land. The fixed-rate loans are easy to qualify for, require no down payment and offer low closing costs.

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Receiving VA Recognition As a Tribal Organization

Many Native Americans do not have access to local representatives to help with benefit claims. Tribal organizations can now seek formal recognition from VA, allowing them to officially represent and assist Native American Veterans with their claims. Read eligibility requirements and find out how to apply.

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