Veterans Legacy Program Provides Resources for Educators

Students participating in Veterans Legacy Program at St. Augustine National Cemetery, Florida

Veterans Legacy Program Provides Resources for Educators

We all know educators who are preparing for a different type of school year to begin in several weeks.  Whether schools in your area are opening in a virtual, hybrid, or face-to-face mode, NCA’s Veterans Legacy Program (VLP) has resources to connect young Americans with the inspirational examples of hometown Veterans. 

This message is to make you aware of wealth of educational resources focused on telling the stories of American Veterans. Please click below to visit VLP's site for educators.


Veteran Documentary Series

Noble Sissle's band in France during World War One

The Veterans Legacy Program has also produced a series of documentaries. These short films are excellent for the classroom and are intended for anyone interested in Veteran history.

Watch the story of Noble Sissle, a "Harlem Hellfighter" of World War One, by clicking the image.


Discover and Share Stories

VLP’s Veterans Legacy Memorial can be used for a service learning project. Tributes to individual Veterans can be left on their VLM page.

There are 3.8 million Veterans memorialized in VLM. You can share something you learned about that Veteran, or thank them for their service. Boy Scouts across the Nation left tributes for Veterans on VLM during this past Memorial Day season.

Veterans Legacy Memorial

If you are an educator, please share with us how you are using VLP resources with your students!