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In Case You Missed It:  The Center for Women Veterans is sharing recent news stories that may be of interest to women Veterans, military women, and their supporters on a weekly basis.  Share your thoughts about them on social media @VAWomenVets.


06/09/2020 05:00 AM EDT

Get the Recruitment & Retention, Employment & Integration, Well Being & Treatment, Servicwomen in the News, Women Veterans, and Upcoming Events DACOWITS news from June 1, 2020. [From DACOWITS]

06/08/2020 04:00 PM EDT

It’s when we pause that we heal. Research conducted in 2019 showed that Americans check their phones an average of 96 times a day, or once every 10 minutes. [From VAntage Point]

06/04/2020 04:00 PM EDT

June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month. Both women Veterans and Veterans with LGBT and related identities underuse VA care. That makes now an important time to bring attention to the unique needs of Veterans with LGBT and related identities. [From VAntage Point]

06/04/2020 10:01 AM EDT

As we all take precautions to guard against COVID-19, being able to access VA health care is very important. Reaching your VA care team online – rather than in person – can protect you and others from exposure to infectious diseases. [From VAntage Point]

06/03/2020 04:00 PM EDT

If you’re looking for relief from headaches, you might be surprised to learn that just a few basic relaxation techniques can help prevent the frequency and severity of headache attacks. Relaxation training helps you achieve a state of deep relaxation. [From VAntage Point]

06/03/2020 10:00 AM EDT

Dementia is an illness that impacts the brain. It can affect memory, thinking and actions. Although dementia is most common in older adults, it can happen to people of any age. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. [From VAntage Point]

06/02/2020 09:50 AM EDT

What matters most to you? On the pathway to Whole Health, this is the defining question. Whole Health is about treating you, the person. We want to consider the big picture of your life, not just one symptom or challenge. That’s why we’re encouraging women Veterans to ask themselves this question and take the first step in making health a priority. [From VAntage Point]