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In Case You Missed It:  The Center for Women Veterans is sharing recent news stories that may be of interest to women Veterans, military women, and their supporters on a weekly basis.  Share your thoughts about them on social media @VAWomenVets.


05/04/2020 04:00 PM EDT

May is National Meditation Month. There are many different types of meditation, including the loving kindness meditation. Much like saying prayers or sharing blessings, the loving kindness meditation sends positive thoughts and intentions to others. [From VAntage Point]

05/03/2020 11:30 AM EDT

Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Air Force Veteran Amerophan Callahan, who served for 24 years and now works at the National Cemetery Administration. Amerophan “Ame” Callahan was 14 years old and living in Thailand when an Air Force Veteran adopted her. [From VAntage Point]

We honor your service, Ame!

05/01/2020 04:00 PM EDT

Moving the body can help prevent and treat dozens of diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Some activities increase your stamina, while others improve your strength, mobility, balance, or flexibility. [From VAntage Point]

05/01/2020 10:00 AM EDT

Many women have mental health issues during or after pregnancy. About one in seven women goes through depression after giving birth. These rates may be even higher in women Veterans. Anxiety during and after pregnancy is also common. [From VAntage Point]

05/01/2020 08:09 AM EDT

Women veterans, chaplains, academics, faith and lay leaders will come together on May 14 and 15 for a conference on moral injury to be held online. A relatively new area of research, moral injury occurs when a combat Veteran struggles with the ethical and moral ambiguities of war — their sense of right and wrong being violated. [From National Catholic Reporter]

04/29/2020 04:00 PM EDT

Weddings, graduations, celebrations–these are the times when we want to “be in the moment,” to enjoy every second. But it’s more difficult to be present during times of challenge or boredom. Believe it or not, breathing practice can help. [From VAntage Point]

04/29/2020 06:51 AM EDT

Keeping men and women in separate platoons during recruit training is the last stand for the Marine Corps, which has been slow to move toward gender integration. [From The New York Times]