Catch-up contributions will soon get easier

Thrift Savings Plan

October 2020

Catch-up contributions will soon get easier

Starting in January 2021, we will make the catch-up process easier: if you’re turning 50 or older, you’ll no longer need to make two separate elections each year in order to take advantage of catch-up contributions.

Instead, your contributions will automatically count toward the IRS catch-up limit if you meet the elective deferral limit and keep saving. If you’re eligible for an agency or service match, contributions spilling over toward the catch-up limit will qualify for the match on up to 5% of your salary. Your election will carry over each year unless you submit a new election.

For 2020 catch-up contributions, you do still need to complete the current process and make a separate election. Check current contribution limits to make sure you’re on track this year.


Third quarter statements available online now

You can view your third quarter 2020 account statement when you log in to My Account. This statement covers your account activity for July 1 – September 30, 2020.


Video: Changing how you're invested

Video still with play button showing a woman talking to the camera and the words "Interfund Transfer (IFT)"

Learn about the two transactions you can make to allocate your money among TSP funds: a contribution allocation and an interfund transfer.

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Security checks

Scammers look like companies you trust

Phishing messages are emails or text messages that scammers send you to try and collect your personal information. To protect yourself and your savings from fraud, learn how to identify real TSP communications.

How your My Account login is changing

Three icons of phone receiving a call, computer with login screen, and smartphone a receiving text message

Your My Account login may change as we add additional layers of security to how you access your savings online. You’ll need a user ID, password, and validated phone number to receive an authentication code and log in securely to My Account.

We’re also adding new features to make this change as easy as possible for you. For example, you’ll be able to validate any phone number even if it doesn’t receive text messages.

  • Your user ID is an easier, more secure way to log in.
  • You’ll be able to validate any phone number that receives calls.
  • International phone numbers can receive codes.
  • If you lose access to your validated phone number, we will help you.
  • Please keep a validated email address on your account.
  • You have options if you can’t access your account online.

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