Let’s Talk to Teens about Healthy Relationships

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Let’s Talk to Teens about Healthy Relationships

Mother and daughter

According to a 2013 study, approximately 1 in 3 high school students experiences physical or sexual violence by someone they are dating. For Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2017, the Office on Women’s Health is helping to educate parents on how to engage their daughters and sons in the sometimes difficult, but necessary, conversations about consent, relationships, and sexuality. If we act early to educate teens about healthy relationships, we can help stop teen dating violence before it starts.

OWH encourages parents to share these tips with their daughters and sons: 

  • In healthy relationships, there is respect and honesty between both people. This includes respecting a person’s decisions about their body and their decisions about sex.
  • Consent is a clear “yes” to sexual activity. Any sexual activity without your consent is sexual assault. Sexual assault is never the victim’s fault and always the abuser’s fault.

Here’s how you can learn more and support: